Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: The Unincorporated (Rebs Team)

The Unincorporated (Rebs Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Specialization - I suppose that should be Specialization in Spades! The Rebs team is made up of a number of different races from the Warpath universe's Rebel faction. And because they are made up of such different races, they have different strengths, and boy what strengths they are! How about a Centaur jack that can Slam your opponent from further away than almost any guard in the game, and hit with just as many dice! Oh yeah, and then catch a ball! Or what about a jack that has A Safe Pair of Hands? Just sit him in the extra point hex somewhere and toss him the ball. Or maybe a guard that can lay the double smackdown on someone! What about a Striker that has the best Skill in the game, MVPs included! There is a player for any and every occasion on this team.

Starting Dice and Cards - Zero on the cards and zero on the starting dice... yep, that is the only real drawback on this team as I see it right now.

MVP Recommendations:
Not that you need any... :-)

Galdo - If you want a little more specialization, I think this jack is a nice addition. Galdo has 360 Vision for starters, so he is always prepared for that ball headed at him. And having an average Skill and above average Movement, he is a versatile jack indeed.

The Excavator - This guy is slow, but you got speed already. This mining robot excells at sending people off the pitch and staying on himself. He is the guy you want in your backfield to annihilate that Striker that came down to try to score. He is an amazing guard that would fit a niche in this team of specialized players.

The Unincorporated team is just amazing. In the right hands, or even just competent hands, this team has a major advantage over most teams in Dreadball. The Rebs are crafted to Slam well, move fast, Catch the ball, Score, Steal... pretty much everything. If you could design team in Dreadball that is near-perfect, you would be hard-pressed to make up one much better than the Rebs team here.

A +

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