Thursday, March 5, 2015

PLAYER: Jetari SL22 “Thrower” (Robot DBX Free Agent)

Jetari SL22 “Thrower” (Robot DBX Free Agent)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Dream Striker - A Striker that is always facing you and can always try to catch an inaccurate Throw is pretty sweet. Oh yeah, and has a Skill to match even the Ralarat Striker. The Jetari SL22 is a Striker almost without equal. Not bad for an old practice bot.

Um, see above! - Seriously.

Average Chances of Survival - No matter which sponsor you are playing, this robot is going to cost you a pretty penny. And with that kind of investment, being only "average" at survival makes a one nervous. With one decent Slam, he could be out of the game. Protect him well, or keep him away from heavy hitters.

Rich Blood - His is a bit expensive for either sponsor. More on that...

Best Sponsor:
Warden - Would the SL-22 be good with Blaine? Sure. But Blaine could buy 2 Kalyshi Strikers for the same MC cost, and two of them are a better than one SL-22 from where I sit. The Warden on the other hand has the super cheap Runners, he could almost buy 3 for the cost he would pay for the training bot. The difference is that SL-22 is much better, and actually more survivable, than the Runners. I am not necessarily saying that the Warden should go with the SL-22 over 2 Runners and a Con (same cost as the SL-22), but it is a different option. And I really think that is much less of an option for Blaine.

Wow, what a tremendous Striker! Such a great idea, model, and cool, very tempting rules. I do think the biggest drawbacks are his cost and the fact that he will be a big, expensive target. Is he great? Yes. Is he worth the cost? I usually can't justify the MC output for him. I imagine in league play that would be very different.

B *

*(...for now, and mostly due to his MC cost for both sponsors)

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