Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PLAYER: Kalyshi Striker (Asterian DBX Kalyshi)

Kalyshi Striker (Asterian DBX Kalyshi)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Ain't Nothing Gonna Breaka My Stride - If a Kalyshi Striker wants to get somewhere, it is hard to stop them. Evading is no problem with their fantastic Speed stat. Their Movement is as great as any of their race. They can use Jump to get over that player on the ground, that Thug blocking their path, or that box that was a dud and is still sitting on the pitch. These Strikers get to where they are going.

Speed - Even though Speed is a part of the point above, I think it is such a great stat score for them that it bears repeating. I played the Shan-meeg Starhawks Asterian team in a league last year and won it, losing only one game - this was in no small part due to Asterian Speed. The ability to Dodge with this Striker is phenomenal.

Injury - If your opponent can manage to double the Slam on you, the odds on your Striker getting hurt are pretty good. And once they are on the ground, recovering from those injuries isn't easier either. I find this to be the biggest issue with the Kalyshi Strikers. You are better off bringing a new Striker on the pitch usually.

Best Sponsor:
Blaine - Well, considering they are his "stock team", Blaine is the obvious choice here. I think they would be fine for the Warden too, the problem is that they cost him 23 MC! They work great for Blaine though. I usually don't even beginning designing my customer team until I have 3 of them on the roster.

Great Speed, decent Skill, great Movement, and Jump (never underestimate Jump) makes these Strikers well worth the inclusion on a Blaine team. I love their play style and it is just up my alley. Their finesse is one of the only weapons Blaine has to counter the brutality of the Warden's Convicts on the pitch.


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