Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: Greenmoon Smackers (Orx and Goblins Team)

Greenmoon Smackers (Orx and Goblins Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Orx - Big strong greenskin savages smashing head on the pitch, that is what the Greenmoon Smackers are all about! The three massive guards are the heart and soul of this team. Their Strength makes them a force that you cannot ignore on the pitch.

Goblins - As far as jacks go, Goblin jacks are pretty good. They have excellent Speed and Skill rivaling that of a human. Now, I know that they would be better if they were Strikers, but as jacks they still perform better than one might expect. I would recommend going for the one and three point shots with 2 dice rather than the two or four point shots with 1 - unless you have to be spectacular to win the game with that two or four point shot.

Lack of Strikers - Now, I know I just went on about how I think that the goblins are pretty good. Having said that, they are not Strikers. You are not getting that extra boost to Catching, Throwing, Stealing, and so on... that can really hurt.

MVP Recommendations:

"Slippery Joe" - This guy is just what the Smackers need. He is a fabulous Striker. Great Speed for Dodging, Stealing, and Evading. A Safe Pair of Hands is a great trait for that unexpected Catch. Jump is a wonderful underrated ability that Joe can really take advantage of. And of course, Roll too! If you can contract him, do it.

Buzzcut - Go for OVERKILL! Taking out everyone on the pitch is viable tactic with the Orx and Goblins and Buzzcut makes it all the more efficient. I say have on Goblin grab and hold the ball, and then send Buzzcut and three Orx after anyone left on the pitch!

The Greenmoon Smackers are somewhat overshadowed by some of the other power teams taking the feild today, but they are not out of the running entirely. You need a good strategy and a few lucky rolls, but the Orx and Goblins are still pretty good. I enjoy playing them and still put them on the pitch a good bit.

C +

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