Thursday, March 12, 2015

DBX TEAM CONFIGURATION: Speed Freaks and Roid Rage (Warden)

With 70 MC, there is only so much variation that can come into play so early in DBX. One of the more successful configurations we have been trying out has been what I like to call Speed Freaks and Roid Rage. This team, and the slight variations on it, involve letting go of most of the Convict Jacks in the Warden's team. It looks something like this:

Speed Freaks and Roid Rage (Original)
Thug x 3
Runner x 6
Con x 1
Total: 64 MC

This original setup allows for one Jack to hang in the back and be ready to jump onto the pitch if he is needed in the middle of a rush. It also leaves enough MC for 2 uses of the explosive collar. The 6 Runners give the Warden ample chances to score and the 3 Thugs ensure that there is a lot of blood on the floor. It is an all Convicts team with a 10 person crew and it works pretty well.

I have one friend that likes to drop the Con for another explosion.

I have another friend that likes to drop a Con and a Thug to grab a Jetari SL22 "Thrower" - this makes the team slanted heavily towards the scoring end of the spectrum.

I have tried it dropping one Runner and one Con and picking up 2 Zee Buccaneers. It worked decently.

I find that the best is still the original. It is simple and sticks to doing a few things well. Until we get a few more options, I think this is my go-to Warden list.

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