Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PLAYER: Thug (Grogan DBX Convict)

Thug (Grogan DBX Convict)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Overwhelming the Opponent - The Thug does exceptionally well Slamming the single opponent, especially a Jack that would only be 3 dice anyway (regardless if they are Slamming Back or Dodging) - the Threatening ability just makes the Thug a one man wrecking crew. Add someone else for the additional minus to the opposing player and you are almost guaranteed to put them on the ground!

Not Bad at Other Stuff - The Thug does not suffer so badly from the curse of the strong guard, he has a decent Speed so he can actually at least have a halfway decent attempt at a Dodge. His Armor is also pretty good. And his Movemment is the same as the average human. All-in-all, he is good all-around player in general.

Target - I find that the Thug becomes a big target wherever he goes. This can be used to your advantage if you realize what is happening. Or it can frustrate you if you really want/need to use the Thug somewhere.

Best Sponsor:
The Warden - Um, complete no-brainer. Though he is fine with Blaine, in all honesty, he really shines with the other Convicts along. His MC cost to the Warden is not extraordinary, and the return on investment really makes Thugs a good choice for up to 3.

Great player, especially for the Warden. If crushing and maiming your enemies is your thing, and your playing Dreadball Xtreme, so it is, then the Thug is your go-to player. Right now, he breaks heads like nobody else for the price.


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