Monday, March 23, 2015


The basic team for Blaine is actually a very good team. It does what Blaine's team does well and you won't go wrong with it. But, let's look at another viable team. How about something like this:

Alienation (Original)
Kalyshi Strikers x 2
Kalyshi Jacks x 1
Pusk Rampager x 1
Zee Buccaneer x 2
Yndij Reaver x 1
Total: 69 MC

I tried out this team and it is very interesting, if a little fragile. I really think that with a few more options and just some slight alterations, this might be a good team. I have not won with this configuration yet, but it is fun. It has a lot of speed and scoring ability, but little in the way of "punch". And only 7 members - eek!

Increase the number of Kalyshi on the team by dropping the Zee?

Get rid of the Pusk and the Zees to grab another Reaver and another Kalyshi Striker - going full on Score-happy?

It is hard to get much better than Blaine's original starting team (though I have had some success just dropping 2 Jacks for 2 Zees). I don't think this team is ready for prime time yet, but until we get some more options, there is little that can be done... maybe a Nameless Bloodsucker? Nah.

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