Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: Kalimarin Ancients (Nameless Team)

Kalimarin Ancients (Nameless Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Diversity - The Nameless bring three distinctly different types of individuals to the pitch, all with varying stats and abilities. This gives the Ancients a fantastic flexibility to overcome a variety of obstacles. If used correctly, and in the proper combinations, the Ancients can crush opposing players' spines with ease, or rocket down the pitch and Catch an impossible Throw and Score. The Nameless play both offense and defense with otherworldly skill.

No Jacks - Most coaches tolerate jacks as part of the mix in Dreadball, they are ok at most things, but not good at any really. Well, the Nameless don't even have a jack to worry about. The fact the have only Strikers and Guards allows a coach to focus his energy on letting his players do what they do best.

Guards Combo - Put a Sticky guard on an opposing player, then Slam that player with a Hard guard, and watch the player crumble.  This combo works fantastically, and reliably. They can protect the goals like nobody's business, or slog down the pitch and crush the other team on their home turf.

No Cards or Dice - They Nameless begin with no cards or dice.

Sticky Guard's Movement - This bizarre-looking monstrosity can only move along as fast as a dwarf... that is a minor obstacle, but one you do need to keep in mind.

MVP Recommendations:
Save your MC and buy an Offensive Coach! ;-)

Nightshade - Same Skill and Movement as the Nameless Strikers, but better Speed. Nightshade also brings Dirty Tricks a for a nice Foul being called for no reason on the opposing team. Oh, and he is cheap!

Number 88 - This is one of the only players, especially a jack, that can add something to the Ancients. His Speed is awesome, he also has Jump, and then throw in the amazing Mind Like Water, and the best Movement in the game - crazy good!

The Kalimarin Ancients are easily one of the best teams in Dreadball at this time. They can hold their own against any style of team, be it bashy or finese-oriented or balanced. No matter who is on the other side of the game board, it is the Kalimarin's game to lose.

A +


  1. I hope you're right about how great this team is. I just bought em' and am looking forward to my first game.

    1. We had a pretty decent-sized league going on last year, and the guy who played the Nameless came in second--he only lost one game. I only barely edged him out first with my Asterians because I had a slightly higher total of league points. The Nameless are amazingly good at both at scoring and killing!

  2. Had my first game as nameless last night. Pairing the hard and sticky guards for slams = consistent knockouts. Unfortunately I over committed on defense and gave up points for the win. It was a good introduction, I'll get em' next time.

    1. Once you get into your groove with the Nameless, they are nigh unstoppable.