Friday, March 6, 2015

PLAYER: Zee Buccaneer (Zee DBX Free Agent)

Zee Buccaneer (DBX Free Agent)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Runaround - The ability to Run two Zees for the price of one is pretty sweet. You can set up Threats for Slams, set off traps, or just get into position with them. If you want efficiency, you can't get much better than a pair of Zees (though you might want to consider three).

Super Speed - The Speed stat on the Zees is remarkable. They Steal the ball with relative ease. They can Dodge like nobody's business (especially with Duck & Weave). And let me tell you first hand, watching the frustration on my opponent's face when they are trying to kill one with a Slam is worth it. I have had Zee survive ridiculous odds on multiple occasions (see next point for more on the ability to survive).

Decent Armor Save? - I love having to repeat the Buccaneers armor saves to my opponent. Most coaches expect their save to be bad, but in reality, it is 50/50 for each roll, not bad.

Ball Handling - Having mediocre-to-bad Skill stat doesn't really help these guys in the whole Picking Up the Ball, Throwing, or Catching arenas. I recommend Dunking the ball with them if they end up with it.

Best Sponsor:
Blaine - At the present, there are only two sponsors in the game, and the Zee Buccaneer costs 7 MC for each of them. But seeing as how the Warden can purchase two types of Convicts cheaper, you rarely see Zees on his team. For Blaine on the other hand, they are tied with the Kalyshi Jack as Blaine's cheapest choice, and with two of these little guys can easily do the work of three players due to Runaround. So, they are a solid choice. And used properly, they won't often disappoint.

I really like the Zee Buccaneers. I think a lot of coaches underestimate the power of the Zees in DBX, perhaps in part to the fact they are underwhelming in DBO. I have even heard coaches say that 7 MC is too much to pay for them. I disagree. If they were 2 for 12 MC, that would seem like too much of a bargain for what they bring. If they were 16 MC for 2, that would be too much. I think that 7 MC is the correct cost for them. That makes buying two 14 MC (or 3 at 21 MC), which feels right after playing them a few times. I do highly recommend them for trap removal and for bogging down the opponent. And moving two at once, well that's just awesome.



  1. Just found your blog - love the team reviews and advice. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Ken! I appreciate it!