Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: Chromium Chargers (Robot Team)

Chromium Chargers (Robot Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Versatility - The great strength of the Chargers is Quick Change Artist. When you need a Striker but your a Guard, just transform, then BAM, you're a Striker. This is a neat feature that is unique to the Robots. And in each form, their stats change to match the role. Very cool.

Choose Your Strategy on the Fly - Want to use a bashy team? A few changes and then you have one. Want to play heavy toward scoring? Transform into a bunch of Strikers. This allows for you to cater to play style, or against the style of your opponent.

Quick Change Artist - The fact that changes from one form to another requires an action really hurts. And if it fails... UGH! Then you have wasted an action and nothing has happened.

Low Number of Starting Players - Beginning with only 6 players can be a detriment. If someone takes out a few guys, you are playing at a disadvantage.

MVP Recommendations:
My first recommendation would be buying an Offensive Coach.

Wyn Greth'zki - Much like Nightshade, Wyn is only available through the Mantic site via Mantic Points, but he is worth it for the Robots. A Striker with fantastic Skill, Alert, and Duck and Weave? Yes, please. And he will only play for the Chargers.
The Praetorian - Let's stick with all the same themes here as with Wyn. The Praetorian has amazing Skill, A Safe Pair of Hands, Can't Feel a Thing, and a Movement that is the same as a Robot Jack. He is all that and a bag of microchips!

I love the look of the Chromium Chargers. I like Quick Change Artist, in theory. But on the pitch I always find the Robots a little lacking. Their weaknesses outweigh their strengths. I am not saying they are unplayable, but they definitely an uphill battle, especially against some of the Season 3 and 4 teams.


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