Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GAMING: New Realm Dreadball League 2014

The Anck Su-Na Moons (Asterian Team)

Starting Lineup: 
  1. Tut-Seth - Guard
  2. Anubis Ka - Jack
  3. Zeshlo Ka - Jack
  4. Horus Ptah - Jack
  5. Nephertysa Imhotep - Striker
  6. Isis Ka - Striker
  7. Terana Mosenon - Striker
  8. The Lady Ptolemina - Striker

Record in League Play: 

8 wins - 1 loss 
(My single loss was a resounding defeat at the hands of a Corporation team)

1st in final results (#1 in League Points, and tied for #1 in win/loss ratio).

- If you have a fantastic Speed stat, Fragile doesn't necessarily mean instant death.

- Your Skill 3 Striker WILL DIE. 

- Movement 6 is no joke.

- As Asterians, if you go first have your Guard on the pitch guarding the 3-4 zone and call a Foul on the biggest guy on the pitch, or the guy guarding the opposing center line of the 3-4 zone. If you go second, decide if your opponent has his star player on the field or not, if he does, put your Guard near the bench for an easy extra after calling out a Foul. If he doesn't, keep the Guard in reserve.

- Be sure that you FLGS doesn't schedule a WH Fantasy League day the same day you are scheduled to be in the shop for your league day.

- Go for a 3 or 4 pointer every time you can. You have the Movement to make it and good enough Skill to make it viable.

- Keep a few Jacks handy to Foul turtle formations lines.


- I know it is a cliche, but have fun!

You can just see my team on the last two pictures. They are off the pitch in their box with my League sheet on their heads. 

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