Friday, March 13, 2015

TEAM: Midgard Delvers (Forge Father Team)

Midgard Delvers(Forge Father Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Strength is their Strength - The Forge Fathers are strong little guys, that's for sure. Their strong Jacks and Steady Guards make this a team that can dish out the pain. Take this straight to the opposing team and crush them.

Jacks of All Trades - I like using the Jacks in the Delvers team. I know it sounds crazy on the surface, but Jack ball carriers can Slamback with a heck of a punch. Whereas the Strikers can't usually Dodge their way out of a wet paper bag. And how much are you loosing to only have a one space move then Throw, vs 4 then Throw, a little, but it isn't the difference for say an Asterian or even a Human - why not Sprint once then Throw? You are probably doing it anyway with the Striker.

Slow as Molasses - I have said before, and I'll say it again, Movement for the Forge Fathers is just awful. Factor into that the fact that their Speed stat is also atrocious and you get ... well, a team that doesn't in any way fit my play style.

They Ain't the Brokkrs - So, why would you EVER play the Delvers when you could play the Rockslides? Seriously, why? I mean, the Brokkrs are the better version of these guys. Maybe aesthetics? Well, most people I know would allow a "play as" rule, using it much like the Void Siren/Corporation players, but check with your TO or Opponent first. 

I'll Take That - Man, Stealing from the Forge Fathers is too easy -Yoik! Their Speed factors in here again. Covering your Strikers enough to keep the ball is hard... or a Foul.

Jacks as Strikers - Did I use this as a Strength above? Not sure it really is.... :-)

MVP Recommendations:
Number 88 - I don't think you could design a guy more opposite than the Forge Fathers than Number 88. He is fantastic! Mind Like Water is crazy good! His Movement and Speed are the antithesis of the Delvers - that is why you NEED someone like him on your team.

The Praetorian - You need some Speed and Movement and Scoring potential, this guy brings it. I know I have used this MVP on a lot of teams as a Go-To-Guy, but he really jst adds so much... and The Midgard Delvers are so deficient.

I have played against them more than I have played them. I am never scared when I see them on the other side of the table. I mean, if you are the Delvers and can score first, then turtle-up, you might win, but wow what a boring game - and it is not impossible to crack the testudo. Maybe it just isn't my playstyle. And honestly, I think that considering the Brokkrs exist, the Midgard Delvers are obsolete now. Someone, please tell me I am wrong...

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  1. They certainly need something, they should just be a mirror of the Brokkrs with another rules subbed in like with the Corps and Sirens.

    1. Totally agree. It would be nice to see them viable on the pitch again. I say go ahead and make Steady a racial trait for all the Space Dwarfs. Then maybe give the Delver Strikers something to balance out the Grizzled the Brokkr Strikers get, maybe Duck and Weave? Or harder armor on the Delver Guards, ala Can't Feel a Thing?

    2. Completely agree with you on Steady. Though I would rather they add to the guards. Keep the Brokkrs more striker focused, their lore tends to paint them as travelers so a more passing based play would fit them. So the Delver guards getting a good skill would help balance them out.