Thursday, March 26, 2015

PLAYER: Vlorox Spinpede (Vlorox DBX Free Agent)

PLAYER: Vlorox Spinpede (Vlorox DBX Free Agent)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin - Alright, we all know that the biggest draw for the Spinpede is the triple Movement Sprint. This puts the Spinpede on par with some of the fastest in the game.

Tough Guy, Eh? - The fact he has a good armor save is great for a Striker. Couple that with Can't Feel a Thing and a Forge Father Strength and you have yourself a Striker that is hard to put down.

Fast? - The thing is, the Vlorox is not really "fast". His actual Movement is awful, his Speed is terrible, and the one pivot part of Rolling is just plain crippling. For a Striker, he sure doesn't do anything I want a Striker to be able to do (well, he does have a 50/50 shot on his Skill checks, that is good for a Striker).

Best Sponsor:
Warden - Even though he is MUCH cheaper for Blaine, he is not even in the ballpark of a "good" player for Blaine's team. That leaves the Warden. He is pricey for the Warden, but he has a bit of a survival trait to the team for a Striker, something that the Runners do not bring.

I cannot bring myself to use the Vlorox Spinpede, other than in the example games and using the stock Warden team. He doesn't bring much to the table. He brings NOTHING, in my estimation for Blaine. And honestly, the Warden would rather have 3 Runners with 2 losses rather than use the Spinpede. Unless a later Sponsor can bring him for super cheap, I do not see a reason to use this guy.


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