Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mechanites Assemble! ... um... assembled, that is.

I received some Zip Kicker in the mail the other day. I was pretty excited because I have decided that unless you were going to in the Mechanites (which I was not), Zip Kicker was an essential part of the assembly process.

I had planned out exactly what builds each of the Mechanites were going to be prior to assembly, of course. I posted blog entry on it a few days ago. So, here is how they turned out. They are not painted yet, but I did throw on a quick wash to differentiate them as to their coding.
Group shot of my Mechanites!

First, we have my pair of Strikers, Celoxon A4 and Celoxon A7. I went with a quick green wash on them. They are Speed and Skill 4+ with a Movement of 6. They have Duck & Weave and they have Launchers (Long Arms) for that extra distance.

Next, we have the Offensive Multibots V.8 and V.9 - Jacks. These guys are there to support and augment the scoring side of the team. They have a Glove, giving them A Safe Pair of Hands and they have the Tactics Upgrade, because Running Interference is just that awesome!

Up next is Defensive Multibot V.10 (another Jack). He is there to assist the more defensive side. He is equipped with Steady, Gotcha! and, of course, the Tactics Upgrade.
Finally, we come to Fortetron Build 12. He is a fantastic Guard, sporting a 3+ Strength, Steady and Can't Feel a Thing! And lots of style, look at the guy! 

I know six guys is tough, once I lose one or two I am really gonna feel it. But I only had one box of the Mechs and wanted to try them out. We will see how this team works out!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Finally decided that I need to make my Mechanite Team!

So, I've had my Mechanite team since my Rampage level pledge arrived from the Kickstarter. They are very cool, but they have just sat in a plastic bag since I opened them up to check for all the parts. I kept worrying that since I only have one pack of them, that I wouldn't have enough parts to make a decent team - I had thought that you needed at least two packages of Mechanites to make one good team.

But I realized that if I don't go ahead and put them together, they will probably sit in a plastic bag forever... I couldn't have that. Therefore I decided that I would make a team using the parts that came in the box.

Here is what I came up with (super special thanks to Geoff Burbidge for making such a fantastic Mechanite team creator):

MechanitesPlayer 1Player 2Player 3
DesignationCeloxon A4Offensive Multibot V.8 Offensive Multibot V.9
LocomotionBird LegsArmoured LegsArmoured Legs
Arm 1LauncherGloveGlove
Arm 2HandHandClaw
Software 1Tactics UpgradeTactics Upgrade
Software 2
Software 3
Software 4
AbilitiesDuck & Weave, Long ArmsA Safe Pair Of Hands, Run InterferenceA Safe Pair Of Hands, Run Interference
Cost (mc)181414

MechanitesPlayer 4Player 5Player 6
DesignationCeloxon A7Fortetron Build 12Defensive Multibot V.10
LocomotionBird LegsQuad WheelsQuad Wheels
Arm 1LauncherWrecking BallGrab
Arm 2HandWrecking BallHand
Software 1Tactics Upgrade
Software 2
Software 3
Software 4
AbilitiesDuck & Weave, Long ArmsSteady, Can't Feel A ThingSteady, Gotcha!, Run Interference
Cost (mc)181917

This is a 100 point team with six players and a pretty good chance to be a great "all-comers" team.

Now, to build them.... :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

TEAM: Sulentic Shards (Crystallan team) Review Version 2.0

Sulentic Shards (Crystallan team)
Original Assessments in Gray from MAy 26, 2015, revised assessments in white.

A Team of Bruisers - Having 5 Guards with an Orx Strength is no joke. These guys hit like a ton of bricks. Every single Rush you should be Slamming a couple of opposing players. This team is not for the timid. This is truly where the teams advantages are. Not just the Guards either, the Jacks are 3+ Strength too, and benefit from Harmonics. This team is a force to be reckoned with. The Crystallans also may be one of the top teams to benefit from the Star Realms League rules for Organized play. Being able to Slam from 2-3 hexes away, with 3+ Strength, and between 3 and 5 dice makes the Jacks no joke when it comes to crushing your opponent on the field. And in the Star Realms rules, if you can clear the Pitch so that there are no opposing player on the Pitch at the end of your opponent's turn, you automatically win in a 7 point landslide!

Pitch Perfect - Harmonics is a very strange ability, it definitely has some depth to it. Having the plus to Movement in most cases is a must. The extra dice to Speed comes in handy more often than I would have initially thought, and when you can get the extra dice on Strength for the Slam, that is amazing. With the Movement 5 bonus being the one you will see the most often, that should be the only one you rely on getting (much as I alluded to in my original Overall thoughts).

Defensive Chops - With the right setup, defending your side of the pitch is made easier by the Harmonics ability. Spacing your players to grant bonuses to other players is key. Knowing the capabilities of your opponent will help you know whether to set up for the blocking of the front 1-2 point zones or blocking the 1-2 centers and crowding the 3-4. I hold to The C3 Defense being the best setup if you are the Visiting team. It has proven itself very strong. Try it out.

No Strikers - Well, scoring is not easy with the Crystallans. A jacks only team is a challenge, but this is not an insurmountable obstacle, I mean look at the Orx. :-) This is a very difficult hurdle to get over. Jacks are less reiable scorers than Strikers, plan for this difficulty.

Clumping - If you are not careful, you will find your players clumped together. An astute opponent will try to get you to maneuver your players into areas that will handicap your ability to defend. This is also made even more difficult by one's own brain constantly saying, "Yeah, but 6 dice Slams!" It takes a few games to not fall into this trap. But if you can plan ahead, this weakness can actually become a strength as you learn where a player should end up when performing an action - it might be different than other teams.

They Are Big Rock Guys - Terrible Speed and Movement. Now these are mitigated by the Harmonics, but you cannot rely on it all the time. Getting the ball stolen is a problem. Try your best to Threaten hexes around your Jack if you have to hold on to the ball. If you can manage to be within three hexes of two Crystallans, you get an extra dice for Speed rolls too.

MVP Recommendations:

Crypt - This guy is a great choice if you are going for a team to crush and destroy your opoent, in a literal sense. With a 2+ Strength and a higher than average Crystallan Speed, this guy is a murderer. With a possible 6 Dice Slam on a 2+, you are all but guaranteed to send someone off the pitch with every Slam!

Any Striker MVP! This team would kill for a Striker. Whether it is Nightshade or the Praetorian or WHOEVER, it doesn't matter, grab 'em!

Don't fall into the trap of HAVING to have full Harmonics on everything you do. Crystallan Guards are utterly amazing BEFORE the extra dice from Harmonics. Take advantage of the single bump from Harmonics that 1 other Crystallans near you grants, this is a great advantage in and of itself. Use the plus to Speed to keep your players safe from those in the back Slams, and when you need to Steal (but you had better be Threatening the ballholder with at least one other Crystallan too!). If you are willing to put in the time on the Sulentic Shards, I have a feeling that the reward will proportional. If you are a fan of the Orx from Season One, I think you might enjoy the Crystallans. I agree with the original assessment for the most part. Like each of the teams from Season Six, the Crystallans are not a "pick up and play" team. They take time to learn and time to master, but I think they are a bit better than I originally thought having played with and against them more now.

C +

C + is probably right, but easily a "B" if in the Star Realms League

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

TEAM: Glambek Gosts (Ada-Lorana team)

Glambek Gosts (Ada-Lorana team)

Phasing - This is obviously the special advantage only the Ada-Lorana have. Being able to just ignore the other side's players and position wherever you want is cool. This does make positioning pretty simple. AND, it has the added bonus of subtracting dice to to Slams (yours and your opponent's). This makes them nigh impossible to take out, especially when you couple it with...

Gaseous beings on Speed - The entire team has 3+ Speed. With the negative to Slambacks, I even find myself using a Dodge on my Guards! Taking out a an Ada-Lorana is ridiculously hard! 

Cards and Dice! - The Glambek Ghosts begin play with a Card and a Coaching dice. Considering their stats, I am not sure this was neccessary, but if you are playing them, it really makes you happy.

Great Strikers - With average Movement, decent Skill, amazing Speed, and Phaser, the Strikers really deserve a specific mention themselves. They are fantastic!

How many players? - You only have 6 players to put on the Pitch. When you lose someone, even for only a Rush or two, you feel it. And should someone get lucky, or your dice rebel against you, and you lose more than one player, you game becomes a bit more diffcult.

Damaged - With only one Guard, you don't have much of a bashing game to speak of. If you want that in a team, I would look somewhere else.

MVP Recommendations:

M'Zei Kein - Though it might not intuitive, I think that the best bang for your buck is going to be M'Zei Kein, the Tsudochan MVP. You might be tempted to grab a Buzzcut, or Enforcer, and they would be fine choices, but I think that to completely dominate the Pitch, just add a little Push to the mix. Everyone but the ball carrier will be able to Phase, so we should fix that! With Push, you can clear the Strike Zone, or remove a Threatening player. You can move a Striker that extra hex to allow him to Throw without moving. I really think that utilizing M'Zei Kein for the Push is the way to go. Oh, and he is a Guard with 360 and Grizzled... so there's that too!

The overall themes of the Season Six teams are "practice to perfection" and "utilize your uniqueness". The Ada-Lorana are by far the most forgiving of the season (as long as you keep them alive). The are great at getting into place, Stealing, scoring, and not getting hurt. Honestly, they would be a great team for a player that is fairly new to the game. That is not to say they aren't pretty awesome for a vet to play with... then they are awesome!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

TEAM: Wu-ling Wanderers (Koris Team) Review Version 2.0

Wu-ling Wanderers (Koris Team)
Original Assessments in Gray from May 8, 2015, revised assessments in white

Portals - The portals are just so much fun! They add another layer on the game. Use them to Score. Use them to Slam. Use them to block line of sight. Use them to help guard your back. Use them to clog up your opponent's path. The possibilities are endless! I would add one huge extra to this too. Because of the way portals work, if you utilize them, it pretty much grants you an extra hex of movement (or possibly two if you jump from one to another). The more I play them/see them played, the more I think this is a great tactic to keep in mind and to develop as part of your team strategy.

Finally, Jacks that I can live with... - I love the fact that now, I can use one jack to place a portal, then use another jack to move one space, that becomes one space on the other side, then still Throw the ball. I think this is a huge boon for a jack-heavy team. I finally have some jacks that I...like. This is even more relevant if you are play with the Star Realm League rules where a Koris Jack could move 2 hexes and get a throw off.

Gotcha! - With the two Guards working together, or a Guard and a Jack working together, Gotcha! is fantastically powerful, even if you only have the Strength of a Corporation Guard. For a team with only two Guards, Gotcha! is more effectively used as a defensive tool I have learned. If you are playing the Nameless, no doubt it is offensive - Sticky Guard with Gotcha! stands beside the target, then the Hard Guard rushes him. But on the Koris, in my experience, it is a tool best used to guard Strike Zones and Threaten players who have the ball, or need to get the ball. Though, an occasional Gotcha! to hold someone for a Slam is always a good thing!

Maybe the four legs work independently? - Movement the same as a Forge Father is never good. Of course, because of the portals this is mitigated a good bit, but it is worth a mention, because... Movement 4 is bad. See above comments on Movement for a slight addendum to this.

One Striker - Want to paint a big target on someone's back? Make them the only Striker on the team. This will be the first person that gets killed on your team, and rightly so. Protect him... or use him as bait. :-) Still a big issue. You will get one, MAYBE two Rushes out of this guy against a good opposing player.

Portal Placing - Two things here: 1 - Until you get practiced with the Koris, the fact that placing a portal takes a full action from a Jack can really mess up your plans. 2 - You have to be thinking a few steps ahead to execute the Koris portals "Pitch perfectly". This is going to be a stumbling block for some newer players.

MVP Recommendations:

I am going to wait on this until I can see the Koris MVP and th other Season 5/6 MVPs are capable of. Still not used any MVPs with them, but they could definitely use Kryphos for sure! That guy is a literal and figurative monster!

I really enjoy playing these guys - I can't wait to have the actual models! They really open up a new level of game play, both you and your opponent. I think that the DB community is going to find a lot of interesting and innovative ways to use them. I might use them in our next league... we will see. I honestly believe that this team is going to be one of the teams that you are going to to get what you put into them. If you try them once or twice and decide you don't like them, that's cool. But if you are willing to put time into this team, I think the returns will be awesome! The play style needed to play them properly does not develop in a game or two, I can feel the understanding of how to use this team deepening each time they are on the Pitch in front of me. I seasoned Koris player is going to be a difficult player to stop, especially in a league environment.

B -
But definitely an "A" for fun factor!

Still an "A" for fun factor!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SIDELINE REPORT: Greenmoon Smackers vs Wu-ling Wanderers

This game was played with a specifc purpose in mind. I wanted to try out the new Jack rules that are in the Star Realms League Play Pack. So, I asked my opponent to choose a Jack-heavy team, as did I. I went with the Marauders and my opponent went with the Koris.
Orx Guard - Red, Goblin Jack - Orange, Koris Guard - Dark Blue, Koris Jack - Light Blue

I pulled the Home team for the Marauders. I decided to go with a highly aggressive setup on the center line. I wanted to get the Orx on the other side and see if I could wreck some ugly Koris face. I did put one goblin in the front line too, you know, for the ball. I also decided that with the portal movement the Koris can manage, I wanted to guard the 3-4 point Strikezone - two goblins and an Orx.

My opponent went with a similar setup in the 3-4 Point Strikezone. He chose to use two Jacks to Guard the extra point hexes in the 1-2 point zones too. And finally, he went with a Guard in the center, no doubt to try and attack the poor Marauders on his turn.

The first few Rushes saw the Orx and Goblins dominate. By the end of the third Rush, 5 Koris were off the Pitch and I had scored a 4 point Strike with a Goblin! My dice were above average for sure, and my opponent's dice were... awful.

The game began to balance out after that. The Wanderers came back on the Pitch slowly, but with the use of the portals and some luck, they did manage to score a 2 point Strike. My opponent did a good job of placing the portals and utilizing them. 

The Goblins began having butter fingers and flubbed some easy rolls. The Orx continued to beat down the other side, but more knocked down models than sent off the Pitch as the game moved along.

The final score was in the Marauder's favor, but just.

Thoughts on the game:
  • Orx are still big boys! They crush like it was Season One all the time!
  • Koris Movement 4 HAS TO be mitigated by the portals.
  • The Koris Striker is a huge target, and is taken off the pitch easily - use him for the big score and then pray he doesn't die.
  • Goblins Dash well... unless they don't.
  • The Koris Guards are better than I originally imagined.
  • Slamming to get the ball is usually better than trying to Steal.

Thoughts on the new Jack rules:
  • The new Jack rules will matter the most for teams with Jacks that have decent Strength. I think that the Teratons, Brokkrs (and I guess by extension the Forge Fathers), and the Crystallans will gain the most from these new rules. Being able to Slam with a 3+ Strength from 2-3 hexes away is a fantastic boon to these teams.
  • The all-Jack teams for instance, can only be improved by the rules of course. I am not sure it will make them more competitive though. Time and playing them will tell, but my gut says that it will not vastly improve them.
  • Void Siren Jacks! Um, a Running Interference Slam from 3 hexes away is crazy, crazy good!
  • Z'zor Jacks... makes the Z'zor Striker useless now.
  • The Sorak Jack will be improved by this change (like the Rebs needed another boost!).
  • Martian Jack guns?!?! Does it work on their guns?

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Under the Dreadball Support section on the Organized Play Page from Mantic (http://www.manticgames.com/organised-play.html) there was quite a treat, specifically in the League Play Pack. Let me cut to the chase!

"The new boots have granted the Jack players better stability on the pitch and as a result confidence in their abilities in the game. While playing in the Star Realms League all Jack players may move up to half their movement, rounding up, when performing a Slam, Steal or Throw action and may be used with Run Interference."

WOOHOO!!!! A Jack upgrade across the board! Now we are talking! This should really change things for a LOT of teams out there - Marauders, Robots, Zzor, Zees, Martians, Koris, and of course, the Rebs, and probably many more... Before I go gushing about how this is the exact fix needed, or how I am super happy with Mantic responding to players' concerns, we are giving it a go Monday night. I will report back on Tuesday in a special Sideline Report!

There were some other changes in the document too:

"In homage to its violent past the Star Realms League runs a little differently to normal leagues. In game terms this means that if either team has no players on the pitch at the end of their turn then their opponent wins with a 7 point victory regardless of the score when the game finishes. In addition to this any player removed from the pitch injured as a result of a Foul action generates a Fan Check."

There were some changes to other aspects too, leveling up, free agents, so on (please take a look), but everything seems overshadowed by the Jack change.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: Conventional Wisdom - MACE!

So, for those of you who do not know, I live in in the USA in the state of North Carolina. We don't get a whole lot of conventions coming through my area. There is one that I have attended before, it is in the city of Charlotte, that is just down the road from me. It is called MACE. And it is this Friday - Sunday. My lovely wife surprised me with a weekend pass!

I have a few events on my convention calendar, as far as what I signed up for - Murder of Crows, a four hour RPG session with three quick RPGs called Micro-RPG Grab Bag, Dark Moon, and Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown. But, there are zero Mantic games being offered in the official schedule - sad face.

So, a friend and I are going to take in two board, and a few teams and just start playing. Most of the people who attend MACE are local, or regional. I would love to spark some more interest in area. We are both huge Dreadball fans and have introduced a number of people to the game already (though many have migrated to other gaming stores in the area, and therefore into other metas).

I definitely want to have the base teams there. I have a fully painted base set, my friend painted the 29ers and I painted the Marauders. I also have enough painted space elves to sub in as humans (thanks to the packaging error common to the Asterians, I have an extra Guard, therefore enough to pretend to be the human team). I am not sure what other team to take. I would like to take one that is similar to the humans or another Season 1 team, but I don't have any more Season 1 teams painted. I would welcome any ideas.

Below are my painted teams...

Perhaps I should look into becoming the voice of Mantic in my area, Pathfinder Pope if you will....

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

SIDELINE REPORT: Nemion Oceanics vs Pelgar Mystics

This week, the Sphyr and the Judwan faced off on the Pitch. My friend Dan had not played his Judwan in quite some time and wanted to bring them out. They are a nicely painted team and it was good to see them back in the game. I decided to try out the Sphyr, and though I had seen them played before and played against them, it was my first time as their coach.

The Setup

Yellow - Judwan StrikersDark Blue - Sphyr GuardLight Blue - Sphyr JackGreen - Sphyr Striker
I set up in a pretty aggressive forward formation. Dan countered with a fairly standard defensive formation, except for the one strike are off to the side, assumingly  place there in order to be able to get to the ball later.

 The first rush went pretty well for the Sphyr. I ended up getting my guard to slam one of the outside defenders on the three point strike zone out of the way. While at the same time using a striker  to both assist with the slam, by threatening the Judwan player, and setting himself up to catch the ball. I easily got the ball through it to my other Striker, and scored a three point goal.

The second rush saw my opponents players head down the pitch and attempt to move my players out of the way for a three point strike. Just to not go as easily as he had planned, as his Feint actually ended up having him slammed onto the ground. My opponent ended up settling for a one point strike.


I could go rush by rush at this point and describe what happened, but honestly it was a comedy of errors on my part -  I missed three strike attempts and flubbed picking up the ball once. That pretty much cost me the game.  On my opponents part, it was slowly moving down the pitch, moving my  players out of the way, and scoring three point strikes.  The job one finally ended up winning by a landslide in the 10th rush.

 In no way am I trying to take away from my opponents abilities. He played a pretty flawless game. He utilize the abilities the Judwan have to throw long distance and score 2 great advantage. Plus, he is experienced at using Feint like a pro. He won the game fair and square.

My dice were on a cold streak. Oh well, such is life.

"Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you." - the Stranger, The Big Lebowski

What did we learn:
  • The Judwan are still quite a viable team. Now, take that with a grain of salt of course, because it will entirely depend on your opponent. The matchup against the Sphyr is actually a pretty good one for the Judwan.
  • The Long Arms ability never ceases to amaze me. It is just fantastic. 
  • The Sphyr all right quite remarkable team, even though I lost, I could tell that there potential is near limitless. They are like a human team, but with a couple of extra tricks, and Movement 6.
  • Both teams in this game head Movement 6. Movement 6 is where it's at. 
  • Tail vs the Judwan is useless.  OK, not entirely useless. I realize that it would be great if one of them were trying to steal from you, but being honest, I never had a single rush where that was even an option for them. There was always a time for me to attempt a strike -  I never had the ball on their rush. Wished it worked against Feint.
  • Feint - in the hands of a skilled (and averagely lucky) player, this ability is really good, and very hard to counter. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

SIDELINE REPORT: Glambek Ghosts vs Sulentic Shards

I had the good fortune of being able to slip in a game tonight with my buddy, Dan. We both came in wanting to play the Glambek Ghosts, but not wanting to play a mirror-match, Dan grabbed the Sulentic Shards. It was my first time trying out the Ada-Lorana and Dan's first time playing the Crystallans. Two blue plastic teams! Woo hoo!

The Game:

Dan ended up being the home team and set up his Crystallans in a very aggressive formation. He had Jacks and Guards lining the front of his side of the Pitch.
Dan's initial setup.
I counter by setting up my Ada-Lorana way back, and trying to keep as many Strikers out of reach without hampering my ability to go after the ball.
My initial setup.
The Pitch looked like this at the start of the game:
Red - Crystallan Guard, Orange - Crystallan Jack, Dark Blue - Ada-Loana Guard, Light Blue - Ada-Lorana Jack, Green - Ada-Lorana Striker

The first Rush saw Dan's Crystallans work in cooperation to Slam my Jack in the 1-2 point Strike Zone. But the elusive form of the Ada-Lorana Jack proved to be too difficult for the Crystallan Guard, even with a Crystallan Jack Threatening the Ada-Lorana. 
"Why won't this guy die?!?!" - Crystallan Guard

Then one of Dan's Crystallan Jacks grabbed the ball and the first Rush ended. He moved the Ref down toward the action.

On my Rush, I concentrated entirely on scoring. I stole the ball. And tried to throw it in for a 3 point Strike ... and I did... and thus ended the second Rush.

The next Rush, Dan managed the knock out the Jack he was focusing on by getting one of his Crystallans "fully harmonic" (getting all the bonuses from Harmonics). But even then he was only knocked out for 1 Rush. Then Dan grabbed the ball again and it went back to me.

I stole the ball. Then, I believe this was the Rush that I used a Showboat Card doing an Evade in the 3 point Strike Zone and caused the Ball Shatters event - hooray! So, no scoring for me this Rush...

Next Rush, Dan's guys attacked mine. That was the pattern usually. And my guys took it fine. 

Then this was the Rush I missed the goal and the ball scattered... :-( But it scattered right in front of the Striker that had jetted out of the cluster above. 

Ok, so... here's the very short version of the rest of the game. Crystallans try to Slam Ada-Lorana and just can't do it. Ada-Lorana score and win.
Final state of the Pitch.
What Did We Learn:
  • The Crystallans NEED to play the defensive game. Even better if you can start second, maybe the best team to be the Visiting team as.
  • You have to think not one, not two, but three or four steps ahead when playing as the Crystallans.
  • The Ada-Lorana are really fun to play.
  • The -1 to the opposing player's Slam, coupled with their 3+ Speed make taking a Ghost out nigh impossible.
  • The Movement of 5 and only having 6 players keeps the Ada-Lorana from being too overpowered.
  • The Gruba-tek VII Coliseum Pitch is awesome!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: In Leagues with the Enemies

Ok... let's talk about comps. I know, kind of a dirty word, but it needs to be talked about. I want to try to get a league for Dreadball going locally, which might mean doing some rounds of the local stores, but before I do, I want to be sure what the League will look like.

All the opinions stated beyond this point (and in this blog in its entirety) are mine and mine alone. But I do welcome any thoughts, input or disagreements on them.

  • If you purchase Schnörkel as an MVP, you are awesome (ok, so not a rule, but true none the less). :-)
  • The Convicts have to be banned, or in the very least, heavily modified. In a previous blog entry, Lamanzer and I have a nice discussion about how the Convicts might be re-balanced, but I don't know if this is viable when trying to bring in the larger community. I might try something rather simple though, maybe allow the Convicts to play as a their stats are but minus the Offensive Coach and the Shock Collar ability. Less flavor, more balance?
  • The Nameless are still a little OP in a league, I think in our last league my friend Dan lost one game with them. Not sure how to deal with that. Maybe every upgrade cost 50% more for them. Maybe for the Rebs too? What about Asterians? Maybe I am going overboard? Perhaps their team ranking in points should be 25 MC higher for purposes of determining underdog bonuses?
  • Use the Achievements system from the Season 4 Rulebook.
  • No Fans on the Pitch in regular games. Maybe in one game at some point in the League though, that could be fun.
  • Allow one "We Can Rebuild Him" upgrade, and only on a Jack, must be clearly marked or represented as different somehow.
  • No Hacking - from Season 6 Rulebook.
  • Any Mechanite or Mutant team has to be WYSIWYG or very close, sorry.
  • Forge Fathers can use Brokkr rules.
  • Season 1 - Season 6 teams will be allowed. Other than what I have already mentioned.

I know there is more I want to have in there, but.... I will have to come back to it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TACTICS: Back to basics... for starting players

Basic Tactics for New Dreadball Players:

  • Keep it Simple for a Time. Use the Trontek team of human to get the basics, or maybe the Marauders if you like a challenge. But play with a rather straight-forward team for your first few games. This foundation will help you later on.
  • Go for the Goal. No matter how much you just want to continually bash someone's head in, the game is won and lost in the Strike Zone. Try to score every Rush.*
  • Tally Up Your Actions Backwards. Before doing anything, decide how many Actions you need to score a goal. Use the leftover Actions for buying cards, bashing skulls, and anything else, but be sure that you have what you need for scoring.
  • Protect Your Strike Zones. This is essential, if nothing else, protect that critical 4 point lane, and the entire 3 point zone if you can.
  • Team Up. Use your Jacks and even Strikers to add a Threat hex on a player before you go to Slam them. If you use a Striker, try to get in the rear arc of the opposing player, so he isn't Threatening you.
  • Don't Turn Your Back On Me. Try not to present your rear arc to opposing players. Unless you are a Teraton or a Sphyr, presenting your backside to an opponent is a taunt that may well get you ground into paste. Sometimes, this might be unavoidable, but try not to if at all possible.
  • Count It Out. I still use my finger and count out loud when determining if the move I am about to make is viable. Don't be ashamed! Sometimes that single pivot during a Sprint can mean the difference in being able to Catch a Ball or just looking silly.
  • No Guts, No Glory. When learning to play the game, if there is a long shot play that seems nearly impossible and might win you the game, GO FOR IT! You never hear someone say, "Remember that time that I played it safe and won the game slowly." **
*Later on there might be a reason you don't, but starting out, I think going for the goal is the way to do it.
** Later on, say in a tournament, this might not be the optimum strategy, but it is still the one I go with. :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: First Buys for Dreadball...

If you are thinking about getting into the Futuristic Sports Games Dreadball, where do you start?

Well, the first purchase is easy. You should start out with the the Starter Set. It used to be called the Deluxe Edition, but now I think it is just called Dreadball. With it you will get the cards, dice, ref and rules, that you need to get started. Plus, you get two teams to begin playing with right away. Full contents are:

1 - 84 Page A4 Full Colour Rulebook
1 Mounted Game Board
10 Plastic Corporation Players (4 × Strikers, 4 × Jacks, 2 × Guards)
10 Plastic Marauder Players (6 Jacks, 4 Guards)
1 Plastic Referee
2 Plastic Balls
54 Game Cards
18 Dice
13 Game Counters
24 Clear Plastic Hex Bases
1 Roster Pad
2 Mantic Points

Unless, of course, you can get your hands on a copy of Dreadball: Azure Forest Limited Edition. Then you get a nice boost to your start, for just a few bucks more. Contents include:

Full-color A4 Rulebook
10 Human Miniatures
10 Marauder Miniatures
1 Referee Miniature
Transparent Plastic Bases
13 Counters
2 Balls
18 Colored Dice
League Roster Pad
54-card DreadBall Deck
Limited Edition Azure Forest Pitch
Azure Forest Supplementary Rulebook
15 Azure Forest DreadBall Cards
Metal A'teo Adysi MVP Miniature

After that, go for buying the team that appeals to you the most for aethetics or gameplay... I recommend not beginning with the following teams:
  • Red Planets Martian Team - Could be frustrating to new players. Have a few odd rules and Fragile, lackluster Strikers. 
  • Koeputki Kolossals Zee Team - Could be frustrating to new players. Have a few odd rules. All Jacks (only one mediocre position).  
  • Midgard Delvers Forge Fathers Team - Could be frustrating to new players. Slow. Require a lot of patience to make work (if you like the look of them, just ue the Brokkr rules from Season 4).
  • Ro-tek Brutes Mechanite Team - Could be frustrating to new players. Requires a decent understanding of the game to make decent players. Might require multiple purchases of teams to create what you want.
  • Kovoss Kryptics Mutant Team - Could be frustrating to new players. Requires a decent understanding of the game to make decent players. Might require multiple purchases of teams to create what you want.
Then, get a league going or play in a tournament. Join the FB Fanatics page. Listen to The Strike Zone Podcast. 
The community is great and always looking to grab new people! 
Have fun!