Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mechanites Assemble! ... um... assembled, that is.

I received some Zip Kicker in the mail the other day. I was pretty excited because I have decided that unless you were going to in the Mechanites (which I was not), Zip Kicker was an essential part of the assembly process.

I had planned out exactly what builds each of the Mechanites were going to be prior to assembly, of course. I posted blog entry on it a few days ago. So, here is how they turned out. They are not painted yet, but I did throw on a quick wash to differentiate them as to their coding.
Group shot of my Mechanites!

First, we have my pair of Strikers, Celoxon A4 and Celoxon A7. I went with a quick green wash on them. They are Speed and Skill 4+ with a Movement of 6. They have Duck & Weave and they have Launchers (Long Arms) for that extra distance.

Next, we have the Offensive Multibots V.8 and V.9 - Jacks. These guys are there to support and augment the scoring side of the team. They have a Glove, giving them A Safe Pair of Hands and they have the Tactics Upgrade, because Running Interference is just that awesome!

Up next is Defensive Multibot V.10 (another Jack). He is there to assist the more defensive side. He is equipped with Steady, Gotcha! and, of course, the Tactics Upgrade.
Finally, we come to Fortetron Build 12. He is a fantastic Guard, sporting a 3+ Strength, Steady and Can't Feel a Thing! And lots of style, look at the guy! 

I know six guys is tough, once I lose one or two I am really gonna feel it. But I only had one box of the Mechs and wanted to try them out. We will see how this team works out!


  1. Very interesting, my team of 6 had a similar sort of idea though I went all out on the guard with steady, pile driver, can't feel a thing and a wrecking ball and made my 2 strikers recievers and put a launcher on a steady jack. I rounded it out with 2 gotcha/steady jacks.

    1. Have you had a lot of success with them? I have yet to get mine on the pitch.

    2. I've only played 2 games so far, desperately been trying to get another in. I won both games, by only having six players my players were substantially better than my opponents.I haven't had chance to play them against a bashing team yet so haven't felt the big downside of 6 players.

      One thing I did find with regards to launchers and gloves.

      As I said, I put my launcher on a jack and the gloves on strikers. Essentially I make a 12 hex throw with the jack, not expecting a success. Then my strikers, because they are strikers and have safe pair of hands still manage to catch it.

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  3. Lots of really creative tweaks you made to this team. They will stand out so very well, even more so when compared to the base models.

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