Sunday, November 22, 2015


Under the Dreadball Support section on the Organized Play Page from Mantic ( there was quite a treat, specifically in the League Play Pack. Let me cut to the chase!

"The new boots have granted the Jack players better stability on the pitch and as a result confidence in their abilities in the game. While playing in the Star Realms League all Jack players may move up to half their movement, rounding up, when performing a Slam, Steal or Throw action and may be used with Run Interference."

WOOHOO!!!! A Jack upgrade across the board! Now we are talking! This should really change things for a LOT of teams out there - Marauders, Robots, Zzor, Zees, Martians, Koris, and of course, the Rebs, and probably many more... Before I go gushing about how this is the exact fix needed, or how I am super happy with Mantic responding to players' concerns, we are giving it a go Monday night. I will report back on Tuesday in a special Sideline Report!

There were some other changes in the document too:

"In homage to its violent past the Star Realms League runs a little differently to normal leagues. In game terms this means that if either team has no players on the pitch at the end of their turn then their opponent wins with a 7 point victory regardless of the score when the game finishes. In addition to this any player removed from the pitch injured as a result of a Foul action generates a Fan Check."

There were some changes to other aspects too, leveling up, free agents, so on (please take a look), but everything seems overshadowed by the Jack change.

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