Saturday, March 28, 2015

TEAM: Pelgar Mystics (Judwan Team)

Pelgar Mystics (Judwan Team)
Reviewed during Season 4 for DBO only

Master Strikers - I don't know that you could ask for more in a Striker (and still want some game balance). Long Arms alone makes the Judwan amazing--it is a crazy good ability. Being able to reliably Throw the ball farther than any other team is a major advantage.

Misdirect - A way for Strikers to clear lanes, awesome! Man, this ability truly gets under your skin when you are playing against Judwan. It is frustrating in the extreme. Even with the Speed reduction, they can really manage a lot of board control using this ability, especially against a non-dexterity oriented team.

Bunches of Broken Bones - When you lose a Judwan, they are often out of the game! I know it is just me, but it seems that when they begin to drop to a bashy team, they drop like flies. Especially considering they have a Striker's armor check, and only average on the Dodge rolls, they are not a team that like to get hit.

Extra Pointless - No 2 or 4 point goals. This does not hurt their game too much, but it is definitely a drawback to playing the Judwan--and such an odd drawback too.

MVP Recommendations:
I will keep this short and sweet: 


In my opinion, the Judwan should have been play-tested a whole lot more before release. The initial Speed they had made them unstoppable, bending the distance for Throwing rules is clunky, and the "no extra point" thing just seems weird. Having said all that, the Pelgar Mystic are fun to play, and after the Speed reduction, not infuriating to play against. They are a solid team if your play style is board control and Scoring only.

A -

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