Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DBX TEAM CONFIGURATION: Greater Alienation (Blaine)

Ok, as a second thought and follow-up to the one yesterday... how about this one:

Greater Alienation
Kalyshi Strikers x 2
Nameless Bloodsucker x 1
Pusk Rampager x 1
Zee Buccaneer x 4
Total: 68 MC

Let's see... 

  • Not many players on the pitch, but with the Zees Speed and Duck & Weave, they are very difficult to take out, so that should help immensely.
  • Got the two very good Strikers for Scoring, and in total 7 out of 8 people can Score. 
  • The Pusk is there for the occasional Slam, but mostly for single hex movement via Ram--to clear lanes and such. 
  • The Nameless Bloodsucker is there for some added nastiness to those that fall on the ground, plus he has great Movement and Speed. And he is fairly cheap. 
  • Just need to be sure I have everyone on the pitch I can. Because if they start going down, I could loose the game easily. 

Maybe switch out a Zee or two for a Kalyshi Jack or two?

Drop 2 Zees for a Yndij Reaver?

Haven't played it yet. But I am liking the way it is sounding.

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