Saturday, March 28, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: Dreadball Resources

Of course. It is a great place to find some free rules, to see when releases are happening, and what is in the box. 

A nice place for rules questions and to show off your models.

A newer website dedicated to all things DBX. I like the layout and info so far. Hopefully as Dreadball Xtreme grows, so will the website.

This community is fantastic in my opinion. A great resource all-around. You will need to be added, as it is a closed group. The group's description is: 
This is the unofficial fan group for DreadBall by Mantic Games. Feel free to post questions on rules, share pictures, conversions, paint jobs, news, tactics, and anything else related to DreadBall.
You can use the group to sell or trade stuff, but use your judgement - if things get out of hand and spammy, to the point where it covers up important threads of lovely pics of painted models, we might change this.
By stuff we mean keep it dreadball or games related. anything else you will be banned!
Let's keep everything family friendly, but the group is pretty lax and we've never really run into any issues so far so let's keep it that way. :)
We're in no way official, but we do have a few pathfinders and Mantic staff in the group so keep that in mind. Game on!

Another great resource and place for some discussion.

PODCAST - Great thoughts and advice--and a joy to listen to! And focused on Dreadball!

VIDEOS - A wonderful Youtube series by the cool fellas over at BoW.

I know there are more that I am missing. Please feel free to alert me to any and I will add them! Thanks!

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