Monday, March 2, 2015


What is Dreadball Notebook?

Dreadball Notebook is simply a place for one devoted Dreadball fan to voice his experiences and opinions on Mantic's awesome futuristic sports game.

Who the heck are you? And why Dreadball?

I have been a gamer all my life. 

I have loved board games since I can remember. Most games I grew up playing were standard board games until I got into RPGs.

I have been playing RPGs for over 20 years. I started in RPGs with ADnD 2nd Edition, some third edition DnD, migrated over to White Wolf for well over a decade of MAGE: The Ascension (MAGE: The Awakening doesn't exist to me!), and am in a DnD 5th edition game at this time. 

I have been a miniature gamer for roughly 8 years now. I started with Warhammer Fantasy (Dwarves). I found WH to be very cumbersome due to size of armies and rules. It was never a lot of fun for me... so I moved on to Warmachine. WM was a lot more fast-paced and straightforward. I played Khador for a few years. Then the skirmish game started to transform into another army-sized game. I sold my Khador, and because I never really left in spirit, I bought back in with the Convergence of Cyriss. I still enjoy WM, but it does not hold the appeal it used to for me. The continual investment to be viable is just a bit much for me right now. I might go back later.

Then I found Dreadball. I had always been interested in Blood Bowl, but having been burned by GW on their fantasy game, I was not eager to jump into another oneof their products - especially when not supported. I saw Dreadball shortly after the kickstarter was being delivered to most people. I jumped in, splitting the cost of the Deluxe edition with a buddy. We played it - I loved it - here we are.

What are your plans for Dreadball Notebook?

I plan on putting down my thoughts on the teams I play and have played against, my experiences with the game, any tactics or tricks I see, and generally promoting Dreadball and Dreadball Xtreme.

Anyone is welcome to respectfully comment, disagree, discuss, add, or ask anything. 

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