Thursday, March 5, 2015

TEAM: Koeputki Kolossals (Zee Team)

Koeputki Kolossals (Zee Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Fouls - Interesting that this would be a strength, but it is. With the Kolossals on the pitch, you may well be Fouling the other team every rush... maybe every play. But, you may not suffer any consequences from it. First, the ref has to roll for you to be out, then you get to try and talk him out of it, or send your buddy out instead.

Speed - Dodge. Steal the ball. Evade. These are the Zees bread and butter. They can do them as well as any team on the circuit today. Speed is their major advantage, use it.

Dice Every Round - How about a few extra dice for a rush? Sounds good yeah? It is, unless it isn't. Don't bank on this, but it is a nice boon when it happens.

Strength in Numbers - Ten dudes. That is a a lot of guys. Use them, use them all. And use them in dirty awful ways. Don't worry about them, don't get attached, use them all the time.

Runaround - Moving two Zees for the price of one is fantastic. Get those guys out and moving all around. Never try a Steal without another Zee (or two) threatening. Never, ever just Run one Zee.

Skill - There ability to Score, Pick up the Ball, and Throw are atrocious! They will fail you at some point. Use your dice when you got them on Skill checks.

Inability to Hurt Anyone - There are other teams that don't Slam particularly well, but the Zees excel at not hurting people. I would not even attempt it, unless you absolutely have to do it.

Jacks - The Koeputki Kolossals are all Jacks. This puts another serious damper on being able to Score... or Slam... or whatever. This is a major disadvantage in my opinion.

MVP Recommendations:
Buzzcut - If you are going to try to hurt someone, you need the very best. Buzzcut should be used in conjunction with a couple of Zees to be sure that the other player is taken out! You need some firepower, the heaviest out there is Buzzcut.

The Praetorian - Same thinking as Buzzcut. If you want to Score, go with a sure bet, The Praetorian. You need the best of the best of the MVPs to make the Zees viable.

Koeputki Kolossals are fun, but not very good. I find they will fail you when you need to Score, or Pass, or simply Pick Up the Ball. I am not sure that there is another team that falls as short of decent as the Zees. MAybe someone can make them work... I cannot.


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