Monday, March 16, 2015

PLAYER: Yndij Reaver (Yndij DBX Free Agent)

PLAYER: Yndij Reaver (Yndij DBX Free Agent)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Can't Touch This! - A Speed stat as good as an Asterian, but let's add in the fact he is a Striker, oh yeah, and he has Duck and Weave, that equals 5 dice to Dodge with a 66.666% chance on each dice rolled! Wow!

You Better Hurt Me! - If someone can power their way past your dexterity, they better make you bleed. If they just knock you down, well, just do a Backflip and move on.

Light Armor - Being so nimble comes with a cost. The light armor only gives you a a 33.333% chance per dice rolled of not getting injured. Not great odds.

Best Sponsor:
Blaine - Not a bad choice for Blaine's team. His cost for Blaine is that of 1.5 Kalyshi Strikers... that is about right. He adds a lot to Blaine's team, though I don't think I would ever consider two Reavers - the cost is just a bit much on that. Plus, considering the Warden is only other Sponsor out right now, and his cost for the Warden is the same as 6 Cons, the Warden ain't looking for a Yndij on his team.

The Yndij Reaver is an awesome Striker, and with Blaine his MC cost feels right. The Yndij also brings some great abilities to the pitch, and these really feel like they are Kalyshi Strikers in the extreme. You won't regret bringing them to the game (unless someone's Thug grinds your Reaver into paste before you get to do much).

A -

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