Monday, March 2, 2015

TEAM: Rallion Roses (Hobgoblin Team)

Rallion Roses (Hobgoblin Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Hulk Guard - This brute is a literal monster on the pitch! I always run a stinky little hobgoblin beside him for a extra -1 to whoever I am about to Slam - couple that with Mighty and this guy will just make the opposing coach lament having come to the game. Positioned correctly, the Hulk can take out 2 guys in a Rush, no problem.

Stench - What a fun rule! This is really the only thing that helps these little guys out when they are Slamming Back (jack) or Dodging (Striker). There are a lot of interesting positioning options for these guys when you want to be a detriment to your opponent but not hinder yourself, as the stink is 360 degrees.

Skill - You are going to need those Coaching Dice you get at the beginning and from the damage the Hulk is going to cause. Hobgoblins have trouble Picking Up the Ball, Throwing, Catching, and Shooting. Always have a Striker near/in scoring position and use that Coaching Dice to Catch/Shoot the ball.

The Hulk's Backside - Having to Dodge with the Hulk is something you DO NOT WANT TO DO! Taking him out from the rear is not that hard. Guard it, or at least make it difficult to get to. One good Slam in the back from even a guard with even average Strength can take the Hulk out.

MVP Recommendations:
The Praetorian - I will probably be recommending this guy a lot with a number of teams for a variety of reasons. Here, the reason is Skill. You have to have someone on your team that can score reliably. The hobgoblins are great on defense and destruction, but there offensive scoring ability is inversely proportional to their offensive odor.

The Enforcer - This guy has it all! And who is a better compliment to the Hulk than Ironman! With a Strength the same as the Hulk's, plus his own way to get to where he needs to be with Jump (as opposed ot the Hulk's Trail Blazer ability), The Enforcer is mechanical mayhem on the move! And you could go with Buzzcut, or The Excavator, or Yurik Yurikson, but none of them have a Movement or Speed stat like The Enforcer.

The hobgoblin team is a riot to play. The Hulk is one of the most fun pieces in Dreadball in 9 out of 10 games (then there will be the one where he is killed the first rush and you will hate life). The stinky little hobgoblins are also fun to run around with and foul up the place with -1s everywhere. They have a few drawbacks, but the are a viable team, in my opinion.

B -

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