Sunday, March 15, 2015

PLAYER: Runner (Human DBX Convict)

PLAYER: Runner (Human DBX Convict)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Cheap Date - If you are playing the Warden as your Sponsor, you will be hard-pressed to find a better MC expenditure than the Runners. They are expendable and dependable- meaning they will either Score or draw in a bunch of opposing players for a nice Ka-Boom!

Human Striker - Another advantage that the Runner brings to the pitch is the fact that he is a human striker. He is average at basically everything - Dodge, Throw, Pick Up the Ball and Score. Being basically average is better than being bad.

Thin Skin - Worst armor save in the game (at least stat-wise). Ugh. If you are taking an armor save, you are more than likely getting injured, or worse.

Best Sponsor:
Warden - 5 MC for a Striker, I don't think you will ever see a cheaper Striker in DBX. And the Convicts were specifically designed for the Warden. You don't need to vary from what works. And plentiful, expendable Strikers work perfectly for the Warden's style.

When using the Warden, I like to have tons Runners. Are they great? No, not really. Are they cheap and "good enough"? Sure are, when there are enough of them. I usually take AT LEAST 4 on every Warden custom team I design, more often than not, 6. And if one is letting you down, well, there is always the Explosive Collar. :-)

C +

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