Monday, March 9, 2015

PLAYER: Pusk Rampager (Pusk DBX Free Agent)

PLAYER: Pusk Rampager (Pusk DBX Free Agent)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Ram - It is all about the Ram, my friends! This is such a crazy good ability. I am often using "the pug" (we took to calling him that) to knock players off of my Strikers' paths. It can even mean a double move sometimes!

You Can't Keep a Good Man Down - With a 50/50 shot of shaking off damage due to his Armor, you have a decent chance of not taking damage. If you are put on the ground, because of Resilient, you will be getting up sooner. Not a bad thing.

Slow - His Movement is just as fast as an average dwarf. *Sigh*

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Blaine - At 12 MC, the Pusk is not a bad choice for a guard on Blaine's team. Also, the Ram ability synergizes well with the Kalyshi Jack's Shove ability. With those two, you have some of the best board control available on the pitch.

A bit on the slow side, and not exceptionally strong for a guard, the Pusk Rampager fits in a very different role than most guards. The Ram ability should be abused as much as possible, especially in a Kalyshi team that has Shove and Jump handy. The Pusk adds another layer of control on the pitch, and if you learn to use it, it is a mighty boon to your team.

C + *

*(If used expertly, and in the right situation, the Pusk Rampager could easily be a B+, but on average I would call him a C+).

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