Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: ShanMeeg Starhawks (Asterian Team)

ShanMeeg Starhawks (Asterian Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Strikers - Speed tests are your friend when playing the Starhawks. Evade with ease. Steal the ball. Dodge. Add to that Movement better than a human, that easily makes these some of the best Strikers in the entire game. Run then Pass, Catch and Score. The strength of the Asterians lie in their master Strikers, oh yeah, and there are four of them!

Foul - What good is a Guard who has the Strength of a Goblin, you might ask? Calling a Foul on someone out of nowhere! And jacks, the position most coaches despise, they can get a Foul called on someone too! Sending people out without them doing anything is so devious, and helpful.

Defensive Coach - Don't forget to roll for some Defensive Coaching Dice every rush! You need these to keep the Fragile Asterians alive. The dice you get might be the difference in making to the next round or not.

Brittle - The Jacks and Strikers are both Fragile. This really, really hurts when playing a bashy team. If you cannot Dodge out of the way, you are likely looking at a few rushes out of the game, if you are lucky.

Straight Forward - One potential drawback is the fact that their game plan is usually pretty to predict. Asterians are going to go for the highest possible point value available to them on the board. Rinse. Repeat.

MVP Recommendations:

The Enforcer - Want a Guard that can Slam from a distance further away than even your Asterians can move, and do it fantastically well? Oh, let's add in that he can Dodge just as simply as you can. The Enforcer will be the Starhawks best friend.

The Praetorian - If you want overwhelming potential to score that Strike and pull off that landslide, forgo the Slams and just score! The Praetorian adds a boosted verision of the same amazing Striker (minus one Speed). Use him and win, quickly!

I won our league last year with the Asterians (The Anak-Suna Moons). Not only did I win the league, I had a landslide in every match, except the one I lost to the Corporation. The potential for scoring with the Starhawks is out of this world. Speed and Movement are the most reliable thing they possess. Sometimes, it is better to hold those Fouls, but I almost always used at least one in each rush. These guys are Fragile, but if they weren't they would be too unfair.


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