Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: Trontek 29ers (Human Team)

The Trontek 29ers (Human Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Average - The fact that all the human stats are average can be a benefit on the pitch. Nothing is terrible on their stat line, nothing excels but nothing lacks too bad. Dice and cards modifying average stats are much better than dice and cards modifying poor stats.

Cards - The biggest advantage may well be getting 2 cards to start the game with - the only team that starts that way. This advantage cannot be overlooked. Two cards definitely helps mitigate the average statistics, especially when you need that extra Throw from a Striker or Slam from a Guard.

Average - Just as much as the average stats can be a boon, they can also be a detriment. Again, nothing is terrible, but nothing is terribly good.

MVP Recommendations:
Grak - A brute to be sure, but a brute with versatility. His Pile-driver ability helps tremendous in taking people off the pitch and to control where the the player ends up. With the same Movement and better Strength, Grak would be a fantastic addition to the 29ers.

"Lucky" Logan - Logan is a premier player. Fantastic Speed and Skill, in addition to a Movement already faster than the average human, make "Lucky" a no-brainer choice. Oh yeah, and he is "Really Lucky", which is awesome.

The original Dreadball team is still viable on the pitch of today. Though they cannot compete stat for stat against many of the later season teams, the extra card and versatility of the team helps more than I usually think it will. I am never disappointed when I play them, maybe it is that they lend themselves to my play style, or maybe it is that that they still got it. And, if you add just a little spice to them with an MVP or improve them slightly via experience in a league, they really shine.


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