Tuesday, March 17, 2015

PLAYER: Kalyshi Jack (Asterian DBX Kalyshi)

Kalyshi Striker (Jack DBX Kalyshi)
Reviewed when only the DBX box set was out

Look Out, Behind You! - With no ref in DBX, there is no such thing as a Sucker Punch - that works so well for the Kalyshi Jack. These sneaky ladies like to hit you when you are looking. The extra dice on this is great. Plus, with such a high Movement state, it is easy to set up. Use this to take out those players with a low Speed stat that you wouldn't hit in the face.

Look Out Behind You! - Shove. This takes some getting used to, but can be an awesome ability. Shove that Thug into the hex beside that crate - BOOM! Shove a player out of the 3 point hex and score the game winning point. Shove is a great ability, learn to use it wisely.

Head-to-head - These Jacks do not excel in Slamming someone head-on. I mean, they can do it... but I wouldn't. This does present some difficulties. You usually have to use an Action to get setup for a Slam, and though this is common for all Jacks, the Kalyshi Jacks REALLY need to be in the back arc of someone to do damage. If you just want to Shove, go for it, but if you want to hurt someone, don't go face-to-face.

Best Sponsor:
Blaine - They are part of his stock team. They are cheap for him to purchase in custom teams. And they are decent players who can enter the pitch at any time you want and possibly free up that hex you want to be in. They are good, they just don't shine easily.

You can choose to Dodge or Shove in response to a Slam. You can free hexes up. You can possibly hurt someone with a Backstab. They are good and well-rounded players, but they are never really my star in a game. Solid... not amazing.

B -

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