Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TEAM: Nemion Oceanics (Sphyr Team)

Nemion Oceanics (Sphyr Team)
Reviewed during early Season 4 for DBO only

Tail - The Sphyr tail makes the everyone just plain better. No longer do you have to worry about turning your back to someone. Heck, if you think they might try to Steal the ball, you are better off turning your back to them! This feature alone added to the average stats would make them good either but, there is one statistic that is not exactly average.

Movement - These guys are fast! The extra point bump from the average human Movement stat really makes a difference. Sprinting those extra two hexes, or even to Run that one extra, can make all the difference in the world.

Average - No starting dice, the human stat line (save for Movement), not terrible at scoring or killing, but not built for scoring or killing either. This might be a turnoff to some coaches. If you want to play a skew team, go somewhere else. This team does not have a lot of special rules (Tail is it), and no monstrous stats.

MVP Recommendations:
Buzzcut - This is the kind of team that could really make Buzzcut shine! Not that he isn't one of the best MVPs period. But with the Sphyr, Buzzcut has a team that can keep up with him and watch his back! If you want to add some one to crack some skulls, Buzzcut is the perfect match for the Sphyr.

Irsala Sephalin - Keeping with the look and theme of the Sphyr, Irsala is a great choice. Plus, she is a hell of a jack. Her Movement is not quite as fast as a Sphyr, and she has no Tail, but she does have Alert. She also has Gotcha! for some crippling of the of side's players. Plus, she has the same Skill stat as a Sphyr, which makes her a decent jack grabbing the ball and tossing it for a Sphyr Striker to score with. Oh yeah, and she has Steady and Toxic!

The Nemion Oceanics are going to be a force to be reckoned with in one off games and league play. They are not the strongest team on the pitch, or the toughest, or the best at scoring. What they are though is pretty good at everything, and they are all fast! The Sphyr are going to easily take a lot of people by surprise by being well-above average.

A -

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