Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TACTICS: Surge Forward Offense vs Jacked Up Defense (Orx and Goblins vs Orx and Goblins)

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to set up a mental game of Orx and Goblins vs Orx and Goblins. I don't think I have ever played this exact match-up, but I thought that as far as mirror matches go, it's probably pretty common.

I first set up the Home team as if I had the knowledge I was OG and playing OG. Then I set up the Visiting team in response. These are not necessarily the best setups in the world, but just how I would have done it if the board and teams were dropped in front of me and I were jumping into a game in real life (and I made the setups in "real time").

I have added a line from the center of the players (circles) to indicate front facing. Not sure if it works, but I think it conveys the idea--and I don't have any actual art programs on my computer, so this was done with a simple online tool. I also dropped in a few pics, Adam at The Strike Zone recommended this to me. Expect more, and better, pics in the future!

Surge Forward Offense (Home)
Red - GuardsOrange - Jacks

There were two factors that went into this setup. 
One, I wanted to be able to get the ball quickly. I positioned my three Jacks in such a way that they are able to easily grab the ball not matter where it ends up. Hopefully, the plan would be one of the outside Jacks to move into place to score, face and end their movement facing the general direction of the ball. Then have the center Jack grab the ball and toss it to that waiting Jack. This should give me an opportunity to score something. And in an OG vs OG game, I foresee every point (and attempt) counting.
Secondly, I wanted those heavy-hitting Guards as close to the opposing team as possible. Even with my Jacks taking 4 actions in the turn, the Guard should have at least one good attempt at Slamming someone. They are both in the rough center to maximize pitch coverage.
I do have a final Guard in the backfield to cover the 4 point lane. In hindsight, against a Jack-only-scoring team, I probably should have placed him somewhere closer forward to protect a 1 or 2 point zone, but I hate leaving the 4 point lane wide open.

Alternate front line setup.
I think a nice alternative to this might be to go more Guard-forward with 3 Guards on the front line and a Jack defending the rear (see pic above). The downsize to that is a little less coverage for when the ball is launched, and a bit less flexibility in scoring attempts. It really depends on your play style.

Jacked Up Defense (Visitor)
Dark Blue - GuardsLight Blue - Jacks

Looking at the other team's setup, I began placing my players on this side with what the other side of the board looked like, keeping in mind that the team was a Jack-centered team (for some reason, responding to the other side and remembering they are Jack scorers seemed more natural... not sure why).
I set up defensively on the extra point lanes, putting a Guard in each of the
1/2 lanes and a Jack in the 3/4 point lane. Then I set a Jack on the outside of both 1/2 lane Guards. I did this to Threaten the hex directly in front of the Guard (and the other hex in the Strike Zone of course), and to give him that single extra hex of movement should he have to Sprint to grab a newly launched ball--might help, might not. Finally, I set a Guard on the 4 point hex, both to give a little extra defense there and to be in a great position to respond to any scoring attempts by the other team (in other words to punish the Jack that scored, or attempted to score). He is facing forward as not to expose his back to the other team. I have heard some people face him backwards to Threaten the 3 point hexes, but this seems like just handing over a key piece without a fight. I never think it is a good idea to turn your back on your opponent (well, maybe a Sphyr... but that is a different discussion).
Backfield defended!
I think this setup would funnel my opponent into at best going for 1 point. I might alter some of the setup on a second go around--maybe shift the center Guard to one side, or re-position the Jacks on the outside. Not sure, but I set this up quickly as if responding in real life.

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