Thursday, June 25, 2015

DBX SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Lord Abraxon, "The Iron-Fisted Dreamer"

Lord Abraxon, "The Iron-Fisted Dreamer"

Not everyone's vision for the future of the galaxy meshes entirely with reality, but in the case of Lord Abraxon, it directly conflicts. It was only 22 years ago that a young Lord Gaius Abraxon had his first dream of the future. In it, his future self instructed him to find the world of Lolentra and establish his empire beginning there. Eventually he found the peaceful planet of Lotentral, believing this to be the world he was looking for, Lord Abraxon worked for years to build an underground resistance and eventually launched a terrible bloody revolt against the governing body. Unbeknownst to Lord Abraxon, the Feldemark Corporation, known for strange and exotic weaponry, had just taken over a controlling number of seats in the Senate of Lotentral and voted to suppress this revolt with extreme force. Somehow, Lord Abraxon made it out alive, but under arrest. He spent 15 years behind bars light years away from Lotentral in a Feldemark Corporate Prison Colony, but had the "good fortune" of having an exotic weapons test go wrong close enough to the prison that major damage was caused (including badly burning Lord Abraxon's face). This allowed for his escape. Since then, he has been on a quest to return to Lotentral and take his rightful place as the ruler there. His reputation has led to him becoming a minor celebrity on the DBX scene, where he plays for big stakes and only with those he deems worthy.



Cunning, Rebel, Convict, Vicious, Outcast

Initial Starting Team:
67 Points (3 MC for Exploding Collar)

10 - Rebs Ralarat Striker
10 - Rebs Ralarat Striker
5 - Convict Striker
5 - Convict Striker

Two amazing Strikers for scoring. Two backup Strikers for scoring--that double as a bomb when needed! This should be enough scoring power to keep Lord Abraxon in the game for the long run, especially if the other half of the team does its job.

6 - Convict Jack
9 - Rebs Gaelian Jack
10 - Convict Guard
12 - Brute Force

Three fantastic head-crackers here! Speed, a little Brush Aside and some brute intimidating force! And a Convict Jack to be sure we use that exploding collar!

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