Saturday, June 20, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: These are a few of my (least) favorite things... Team Edition

And now, for the teams I like the least from each season and why...

Season 1
Midgard Delvers
Do I like the look of the Forge Fathers? Yes. Do I like their flavor and history? Yes. Do I enjoy playing them? Nope. They are not my play style at all. Their Speed is awful, their Movement is ridiculously slow, and the only successful way I have ever seen them played has to do with scoring quickly and them hoarding the ball. Totally viable strategy mind you, I just find it boring. And besides, why play the original Forge Fathers, when you can play the Brokkrs! Seriously, why?
Be part of the Solution: I think that there could be a number of things that could help out the Forge Fathers. First, I think that it should be racial trait across the board that they have Steady. Then maybe something new, like... Low to the Ground - +1 on attempts to Pick Up the Ball. That could be on both Jacks and Strikers.

Season 2 

Chromium Chargers
What a cool concept for a team! What cool models! What a disappointment in action. I have seen so many people struggle with the robots. Quick Change Artist is great... in theory. In practice, you end up wasting actions trying to turn your players into something every other team already has. And don't get me started on failing to change... ugh!
Be Part of the Solution: I think that they should allow a double on Quick Change Artist to give you a free action, that would change the entire play style of the team and make them a LOT more interesting.

Season 3
Koeputki Kolossals
I own the Zees. I have played the Zees. I just don't like the Zees (except in DBX, where I LOVE them!). All Jack teams are hard enough as it is without making them so bad at scoring too. If you want to have a few fun Exhibition Games with them, they can be a hoot. But trying to play them as your "everyday team" or league team is going to be challenging.
Be Part of the Solution: I would do something like... Supported - For every Zee in the same scoring zone as the Zee trying to score, you get +1 dice (to a max of +2). Too much?

Season 4
The Unincorporated
Ok, I have the Rebs on here for a totally different reason than the others. The Rebs are too good! It is ok to have a Jack that can move 7 and still Slam? Sure it is. Is it ok to have a Guard that double Slams? Yeah. Is it ok to have a Jack that can reliably catch the ball? Yes. Is it ok to have a Movement 6 Striker with a Skill of 3+? No. I do not like a regular player having a 3+ Skill. But, I could live with it if the rest of the team were not amazing too! I think that the Unincorporated are just plain Overpowered.
Be Part of the Solution: Make the Striker Skill 4+.

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