Thursday, June 4, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: These are a few of my favorite things... Team Edition

Of the 4 Seasons that are out right now, the following are my favorite team in each Season and why...

Season 1
Trontek 29ers (Human Male Corporation Team)
I love the truly balanced nature of this team. I have never put them on the board and thought I was at a disadvantage. Everyone is pretty decent on this team--there might be no one that shines like the North Star on this team, but neither is there anyone that is just outright awful. In addition, you get a Coaching Dice, which is nice to get your momentum rolling. And, most importantly I believe, you get two starting cards. The two cards really make this team a nasty rival no matter who they are up against. The Corporation team really is the standard by which all other teams are measured, and rightfully so.

Season 2
Void Sirens (Human Female Corporation Team)
This team is a powerhouse! These ladies take the game to another level. Where the boys have the cards to give them extra actions, the girls have the cunning to really play a stronger defensive game (thanks to Run Interference). The Void Sirens can make the opposing coach quiver just trying to make a decision, due to their Jacks being able to utilize the opposing coach's turn for their own purposes. This is one of the few teams where you don't mind having Jacks going onto the pitch for you (as they are the real weapons on the team). Add to this 4 Coaching Dice and this team is just fantastic on the pitch!

Season 3
Kalimarin Ancients (Nameless Team)
Wow, these guys can just plain dominate the pitch! Their Strikers are amazing, with a Movement of a Veermyn, the Skill of a Human, and A Safe Pair of Hands! But where the money is at is definitely the Guards. Between the Hard and Sticky Guards, you have a duo of monstrous killers, literally. Plus, this team first introduced the concept of 2 distinct types of player in the same position, very cool. I HATE seeing these guys on the other side of the pitch from me! But playing them... well, that's another story altogether. And just in case I have not made it abundantly clear, these Cthulu-Outworlder-No-Jack-Having-Machines-of-Destruction are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good (many think too good).

Season 4
The Red Planets (Martian Team)
I am going to go with who I love to play for Season 4. I will put these little green men up against anyone, and often lose, but with the Martians it isn't about winning. The Red Planets are about the most fun someone can have playing Dreadball. They are cheating invaders who will happily stab (or shoot) you in the back. So they die easily, they can't score worth a crap, and the Guard is nothing to write home about, but GUNS BABY! I love them.

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