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Finding that competing in Dreadball was more difficult than they expected, mostly due to the fact they were injured very easily, the Martians began the development of a synthetic being with tougher skin to be an anchor for their team. They attempted to approximate the appearance of a human for the synthetic artificial lifeform they created, but fell quite short. The artificial lifeform was given the "Ack-A-Bakka" and programmed to be a Dreadball Guard. Ack-A-Bakka was a good Dreadball player, but his special adaptive programming was more expansive than the Martians had originally intended though. After less than four weeks on an officially sanctioned Martian Dreadball called "The Earth's Devastation", Ack-A-Bakka had grown in intelligence so much that he quit the team and decided that he could do better himself on the underground circuit. Ack-A-Bakka's ultimate goal is the gather enough wealth and glory to raise a secret robot army with which to conquer the galaxy.


Alien, Dreadball, Guard, Mr. Roboto, Weird Science

Initial Starting Team:
70 Points

11 - Jetari GL14 “Brawler”
11 - Jetari GL14 “Brawler”
8 - John Doe

The Guards on Ack-A-Bakka's team are all Strength 3+, the main focus being of course injuring the opposing team's players. But in addition to that, the Jetari bring some staying power with their Armor of 3+, Can't Feel A Thing, and Grizzled. And John Doe brings the ever popular Gotcha!

9 - Jetari SL22 “Thrower”
9 - Jetari SL22 “Thrower”
8 - Sphyr Striker

The Strikers on Ack-A-Bakka's team are focused on scoring. Between the solid Sphyr Striker with his standard human style statline and with two Throwers with a 3+ Skill, A Safe Pair of Hands, and 360, scoring should be well within reach.

8 - Tsudochan Jack
6 - Martian Jack

Finally, the Tsudochan Jack is there for some sneaky extra movement shenanigans! The plan is to leave him on the bench until he is needed. Then he can move onto the field and Push a player around to further Ack-A-Bakka's plan. And the Martian Jack is there for the Ray Gun! Because it is too much fun!

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