Tuesday, June 16, 2015

TACTICS: Robots Setup - Standard Packaging

Now, with full disclosure, I do not play the Robot (by Robots I do mean the Season 2 Chromium Chargers). I have a buddy that does and I have watched him play them a good bit. This is more theory than practice, but it seems solid enough.. :-)

Standard Packaging (Home)

Orange - Jacks

This would be my starting setup for the Robots. It is a pretty standard setup with Jacks positioned near the launch line and three Jacks protecting the 3/4 point goal--something has to be sacrificed, in this case I decided on the 1/2 point areas.

Red - Guards, Orange - Jacks, Yellow - Strikers

I would use my first two actions to convert two Jacks up front to Strikers (of course, if the ball is one the left side the set up above would be the reverse). I would run one into position to catch and shoot the ball. With another action, I would convert my other upfront Jack into a Guard for later Rushes*. With my final action I would Pick Up the Ball, hope it doubles, Throw the ball to the other Striker, hope he doubles the catch, and throw the ball in using my Coaching Dice.

Surly someone has a more reasoned setup than this one... please share! :-)

*Another very viable option as an alternative here, would be to buy another card. This might well help you get into position to score better, depending on the card.

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