Saturday, June 6, 2015

JUST AN ASIDE: When not playing Dreadball...

I have a family, they do not play Dreadball. And I have friends who do not play Dreadball, or any miniatures game. Here are a few other games, non-miniature games, I often play when Dreadball is not an option:

This is a great sci-fi themed game that caters to just about any play style. Do you resource gathering and delivery? Xia has it. Do you like building up your own side to be the biggest and baddest around? Xia has it. Like press-your-luck exploration? Xia has it. Want to hunt and destroy your fellow players? Xia has it. Like executing missions for Victory Points? Xia has it. 
The only real drawback of the game is that for the casual gamer, it has a rather steep early learning curve. It is one of those games where you begin playing it and for a few rounds wonder if you are doing everything right. Then, eventually, it all falls into place.
It scales pretty good for time too. Want to play a shorter game? Play a lower point game. Want to have an epic space empire vs empire epoch-spanning space opera? Go for the higher points.
Great fun for the gamer crowd!

When I am playing games with the family, there is no game more popular than King of Tokyo. We have a wide range of ages in our house, and everyone enjoys it. The dice mechanics add an element of randomness, the cards add a little control, the king of the hill mechanic lets you press your luck, and the art makes the game the crazy awesome city stomping fun that it is. 
Fast to learn, anyone can play, and fun for all ages.

Want to play a fast filler game in-between games of Dreadball? Grab another person (or two or three) and toss out the 16 cards that make up this great little game. Love Letter is a ton of fun in a tiny package.  I usually teach this in less than 2 minutes, and then we're playing. 
This game has a ton of skins for it, Batman, Adventure Time, so on... grab your favorite and get going! I personally prefer the original.

This was the first auction style game I ever played, and it is still my favorite. I especially love yelling, "I invoke Ra!" It is fun each and every round, and then in the end, it could still be anybody's game. I am a sucker for  well themed game too, and this one is great.

Pina Pirata
This is a great little game my daughter and I discovered at our local gaming store. The artwork is beautitful and it is easy to learn. It sort of plays out as if the makers of Fluxx had made Uno while drinking rum in a cartoon. The kids love it and so do I.
Fast, and fun for nearly any age. 

Other games I enjoy often are Smash Up, Farkle, Gobblet Gobblers, Avalon, and the list goes on...

What about everyone else? Any recommendations?

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