Thursday, June 11, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: Magnetic Tape for Dreadball!

So, a buddy of mine is magnetizing all his Dreadball figures and bases. This is pretty awesome, but it seemed like a lot of work to me. Since DBX came along, I have happily been using Blu-Tack to adhere my players to their bases. But this still left me with the issue of the ball just having to sit on a player's base.

At first, I thought I would use magnets too. And though that still seems a viable answer to me--just glue a tiny magnet to the corner or like m buddy, let the one in the center hold it. But I didn't have enough to do this to every base. And there is nowhere near me, that I know of, to buy rare earth magnets.

Then I read about magnetic paint. "What a fantastic idea!" I thought. I found a little can of it at Lowes Home Improvement for $20 bucks... too pricey for me. So, I started to brainstorm.

I thought about getting one of those thing magnetic sheets that you can cut for crafts. I went to Ben Franklin Crafts and sadly they didn't have a big sheet of it, just little squares. And those little squares seemed over priced too! Then, beside the squares, I noticed Magnetic Tape! Roughly $8 later, I am heading home with the stuff to try it out.

The Quick Easy Process

First thing I did was grab a Rare Earth Magnet and glue it to a Dreadball. This is the one thing in this process I would change for sure. My friend uses larger diameter magnets--I should be doing this too.

Then I put tiny piece of magnetic tape on a base. This small of a piece of tape would allow nearly all the bases I have to have a tiny piece of tape on them.

A model on the base. Once the base is painted black, you won't notice the tape. I plan on priming a base with the magnet on it to see if that interfere with it in any way.

Much to my joy, the ball, even with the tiny Rare Earth Magnet, jumped right onto the strip of magnetic tape.

The ball goes on easy, with no issue staying on during moving the model around, even upside down. But, the ball comes off easily too. It has just the right amount of magnetic attraction. 

I am going to add a little piece of tape to some of my existing black painted bases and test it out soon on the Pitch. I don't think the adhesive needs any super glue, but I might add it on just for good measure.

Pretty happy with the results and thought I would share.

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