Thursday, October 1, 2015

INSIDE THE BOX: Mechanites

Much like for the Mutants, I wanted to catalog what I received for my Kickstarter Rampage pledge for the Mechanite team - mostly for my reference. This may, or may not, be the same as the retail, AND when I opened the bag, it exploded. So, though unlikely, I might be missing a piece or two.
This is a picture of everything that was in my Kickstarter bag of Machanites.

This is a picture of the arms that were included (except what was in the small plastic bag - see below). It is pretty much two of each of the arms on the arm chart on page 13 of the Season 5 book.

Here we have the final few arms: four hands and two claws. And there is a ball in the bag too.

Here we have the Body pieces. There are two each of the Body Types A, C and D. There are 4 of Body Type B.

Here we have the Guard should pads.

The heads included are three of each of the following: Crane, Quadeye, Radar, and Slim. Then two Tank heads. Also on this sprue is a metal plate (x3)

Legs, two of each set.

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