Thursday, August 13, 2015

INSIDE THE BOX: Kovoss Kryptics (Mutant Plague team)

As much for myself as for anyone else, I wanted to catalog what I had received in my Kickstarter for the Kovoss Kryptics. I do not know if this is exactly what would come in the retail box.

There are a total of eight bodies for the mutants (and two prone). Two bodies are very large. Two are large. Two are slim. Two have Yndij legs.

There are twelve standard arms.

There are six beefy Guard arms (maybe the top two are Teraton?). Two Z'zor blade arms. And two Nameless tentacle arms.
There are two sprues of heads. On each sprue there are five human heads, one Z'zor head, and one Asterian head. One of the sprues also comes with a ball. There are also heads in a small plastic baggie.

In the baggie, there are two Grogan heads and two Nameless heads.

There are four Judwan arms.

I received 5 tails total, two were Sphyr, and three were Veer-myn.

Finally, there were two sets of wings.

Have fun with these, all you mad scientists!

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