Thursday, August 6, 2015

PAINTING: Crystallan Team

I finished painting my Crystallan team (at least, the first team of them).

What I did:
  • I used Vallejo Matt Vanish to lay down a simple coat to paint on.
  • I used Army Painter Blue Tone to tint the model and darken the crevices blue.
  • I dry-brushed a mixture of Citadel Foundation Mordian Blue and Army Painter Matt White - heavy on the White.
  • I painted the metal areas with some Greycoat Grey topped with Citadel Chainmail.  
  • On the metal areas, I then used some Army Painter Strong Tone to give it a little depth.
  • Then, I went over the metal with some Vallejo Matt Vanish.
  • I did some red coloring on the metal with P3 Khador Red Base.
  • Finally, I went over the crystal portion of them with Gloss Vanish to give them a crystal-like shine.

I was pretty happy with the results!


  1. they look great :)
    matt varnish as base layer is a good tip! (for me as a noob ;) ) Thanks

    1. Thanks. I saw someone on the Dreadball Fanatics FB group used that technique on their Ada lorana team, and I found it worked great. Let me know how it works out for you. Would love to see pics.