Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SIDELINE REPORT: Bremlin Nebulas vs Rallion Roses

I was lucky enough to get a match in this week with a friend of mine. He decided to play the Kalyshi. I had thought to play them too (I wrote down their stats prior my friend arriving), and though a mirror match can be fun, I went with my second choice of teams (I wrote down the Hobgoblin's stats too, so I was ready).

My friend got the Home side of the pitch. Then he went with a fairly standard setup. I went with a variation on a setup I called Middle Irk. You can see the setup a little better below.

Orange - Kalyshi Jack, Yellow - Kalyshi Striker, Dark Blue - Hulk Guard, Light Blue - Hobgoblin Jack, Green - Hobgoblin Striker

I did my best to keep up with the turns, but I have got to discover a better way than just jotting down a few illegible facts for every Rush. Regardless, here is what I wrote down:


Rush 1 - Kalyshi Striker throws the ball at the back of the Hulk's head and sends him out for two rounds.
Rush 2 - The Hobgoblins knock out a Striker for a round. Then the Hobgoblins score 3 points.
Rush 3 - Kalyshi score 3 points.
Rush 4 - Hobgoblins score 1 point.
Rush 5 - Kalyshi score 1 point.
Rush 6 - Hulk comes back in and knocks out a few Kalyshi, the Hobgoblins run and hide with the ball.
Rush 7 - Nothing really.
Rush 8 - Hobgoblins score 3 points.
Rush 9 - Kalyshi score 3 points.
Rush 10 - ****can't read my handwriting****
Rush 11 - Kalyshi score 2 points.
Rush 12 - Hulk fails to injury the Kalyshi. Hobgoblins flub the attempt to get the ball.
Rush 13 - Kalyshi score 2 points.

What did I learn?
  • Don't let a Striker-heavy team get the drop on the Hulk. The Hulk being out for 2 rounds was awful! 
  • The Hobgoblin Jacks are decent at damaging opponents too. 
  • I also learned that Brush Aside is not as good as I initially thought-it is rather situational.
  • Kalyshi, much like the regular Asterians, should pretty much focus entirely on scoring.
  • Skill 5+ is terrible! Argh!

Getting both your Strikers stuck in the opposing teams goal is no bueno.

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