Thursday, August 20, 2015

TEAM: Long Rock Lifers (Convict team)

Long Rock Lifers (Convict team)

Lots of humans - Six out of eight members of this team are human. They have the average stats of humans. I definitely consider this an advantage. One of the biggest strengths of the Corporation teams is their lack of any major flaws in the stats category and bringing the Convicts into DBO eliminated one of their only weaknesses, the fact that the Strikers had TERRIBLE armor. Now, the Convicts are like humans, plus...

Plus... - The Guard for the Convicts isn't quite human, he's better (Grogan)! With a the Strength of an Orx Guard and Threatening, this guy is a wrecking ball! He can reliably take out players by himself, but team him with another player and your are almost guaranteed to take someone off the Pitch.

Shocking Advantage! - A well timed Shock Collar execution can absolutely change the course of a game. And finally, a good use for a Jack!

The Warden - On top of all the above, the get an Offensive Coach. This really helps make the Convicts a team to fear on the Pitch.

No Starting Cards or Dice - This is a disadvantage, but only until a Convict Guard knocks a few guys out of the game and the Fan Checks give you some dice.

MVP Recommendations:

'Brickbat’ Vognar - Thematically, this guy is a given. On top of that, he is really good. With Lucky and Steady, and of course an Orx stat line, he is the extra helping hand that your already spectacular Guard want to assist them. And look at that model! So cool!

Amazing! This team is just fantastic on the Pitch! It is like playing Trontek, but deadlier. The Guards are monstrous. The Strikers are good. And the Jacks are moving knockdown/killing machines (technically the whole team is). The Convicts are really good. I can easily see them winning a tournament or a league with "shocking" ease. This team could give any team from any season a run for their money for best all-around. I might even go so far as to call them the best team in Dreadball... maybe.


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