Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TACTICS: Ares Rising (Martians)

Ares Rising (Visitor)
Dark Blue - Guard, Light Blue - Jack, Green - Striker

The Martians are one of my favorite teams (if you have read much of this blog you probably know that), but they are not necessarily one of the best teams out there. The following is a fun, pretty defensive setup for a Martian team.

Guards - I have set the Guards up as defenders of the 2 point line in the side Strike Zones. I chose them to be there because they defend slightly better than a Jack does, so they run solo the best. This should dissuade, or at least slow down, your opponent's attempts to make more than a single point in a Rush.

Jacks - I set three Jacks up in a full defense of the 3-4 zone. They work well to keep the opposing team out of this area because they are blocking the whole thing. As an added bonus, one of the side Jacks can Sprint up and turn to get into position to shoot almost anyone in the back-movement 6 is awesome! 

Striker - Well, you need one on the Pitch to grab the ball during your Rush, and placing the Striker where he is further argues to your opponent that going for the 4 just isn't worth it. And if it isn't worth it, then why bother the Striker. At least that's the hope!

Ack ack!

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  1. Ah, good ol' Martian insanity and ray guns. Also, that is a great name for the team, little bit jealous of that one in fact. Mine are called the Pitsvill Probers.