Thursday, July 30, 2015

SPONSOR SPECIALTIES: Thinking about overall strategy... BASHY TEAM (Part Three)

Last time I had set up a Bashy Team Sponsor with the following Groups:

Alien (Column A), Psycho (Column B), Guard (Column C), Vicious (Column D), Weird Science (Column E)

Now, let's see what direction we might could go in for a team that can crush some skulls... but, before we go down the path of destruction, let's get a couple guys who can score to keep us in the game just in case we get some bad dice rolls and can't injure everyone on the pitch.

As far as Groups go, I am going to have to either go with one of the following Strikers:

Martian Striker at 7 MC (Skill 5+... why bother?)
Nameless Striker at 13, seems a little steep for my design.
Sphyr Striker at 12. Still a little pricey.
Yndij Reaver at 16 - ouch!
or a few others...

Or, I could go with Jacks (pairing a little ball-handling with a little fists-to-face action):

Sorak Jack at 10. Not bad. Plus, he has A Safe Pair of Hands and Speed 3+.
Teraton Jack at 10. Strong and with teleport.
Tsudochan Jack at 7. Tempting. Very tempting.
Martian Jack at 6... pretty cheap, but terrible skill... but a gun... and my heart :-)
Koris Jack at 11. Brings a lot, but slow.
Zee Buccaneer for 7 MC!

Ok, let's be honest. I can stop. Call me crazy, but I am going to go with a host of Tsudochan Jacks, three to be precise. They have the ability to Pick Up the Ball, Slam, and best of all, telekinetic shenanigans.

Tsudochan Jack (x3) = 21 MC

That leaves us 42 MC to play with for Guards! And we should start with...

Hulk Guard at 13 MC. 13 for arguably the most devastating Guard Dreadball has to offer? Yes please! It may be a cliche, but he IS that good.

Total = 34 MC (Model Count = 4)

How about some Marauder Guards? Solid, and reliable. I think they would be a nice addition. Marauder Guards x 2.

Total = 50 MC (Model Count = 6)

The Enforcer is amazing and his Movement often catches people off-guard. Let's toss him in too!

Total = 60 MC (Model Count = 7)

Finally, how about...  Teraton Guard! I think these guys are a great addition to the team!

Total = 70 MC (Model Count = 8)

Tsudochan Jack
Tsudochan Jack
Tsudochan Jack
Hulk Guard
Marauder Guard
Marauder Guard
The Enforcer
Teraton Guard

The Plan:
I think that this team has some potential. The overall strategy began to formulate in my head when I chose the Tsudochan as my ball-handlers.
I will use the Tsudochan to position the Super Star Guards exactly where they need to be. Or conversely, move the opposing team into position to get destroyed!
This will allow my Guards to do what they do best and the Tsudochan to sit back and do what they do best. With some luck, I can take the ball early and hold it out of my opponent's reach while I dismantle his team with the monster I have as Guards.
Is the team perfect? Maybe not. Fun? YES!

Well, that was a fun exercise in how I think about building a Bashy Team.

I would welcome any thoughts on how you construct a DBX team and where you might deviate in your thinking process on it.

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