Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TACTICS: Protection Sphyr (Sphyr tactic)

Protection Sphyr
Green - Sphyr Striker (with ball), Red - Sphyr Guard

This is how I think you could most efficiently use your resources to protect a Sphyr ball carrier. Because sometimes you cannot always make it to where you need to be to score.

Striker: The Striker with the ball is positioned the way he is to best utilize the Sphyr's Tail ability. By facing the wall in the way he is, it is going to give a -1D to anyone trying to Steal or Slam him from behind (which is any hex available). It also has him positioned that to pivot one and fly down the side of the Pitch eleven hexes if necessary. And don't forget, on a double to dodge, on your move, you should turn your back on your attacker.

Guard: The Guard is there to provide an additional Threat to the hex beside the Striker. If he is Slammed, he can Slamback. If he loses the Slam, he has nowhere to go, so he falls into the same hex-still defending the Striker somewhat. If he wins the Slamback, he can choose not to Follow Up.
Two Sphyr = simple but effective ball protection.


  1. Brilliant! I was thinking on using Sphyr and this strategy looks very solid to me. Will definitely try it out!

    1. I think that the Sphyr are one of the most powerful, yet balanced, teams released this year. Good luck with them!

    2. Not to mention the coolest looking team. This is a good tip though. I originally made the mistake of setting guards up deep with this team before realising they are far better down field helping your strikers. Leave the jacks to defend.

    3. I totally agree, they do look pretty cool.
      And you are right, the Sphyr, at least as I play them, are focused around the Strikers. I find my entire strategy focused on them, and using the Guards and Jacks to supplement where needed.