Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TACTICS: That Stinks! (Hobgoblin Team)

That Stinks! (Visitor)
Red - Hulk GuardOrange - Hobgoblin JackYellow - Hobgoblin Striker

If there is one thing that the Hobgoblin team is know for... well, it would be the Hulk. But, the second biggest thing the Hobgoblin team is known for is their horrific (and fantastic) Stench! This starting formation as the visiting team is a highly aggressive utilization of the Stench ability.
I have set up 4 Jacks and one Striker along the front line of the visiting side. This setup covers anywhere the ball might come out, except the odd bounce on a roll of a 6. This is going to force your opponent to deal with, or attempt to deal with, the short, stinky front line before trying to score. Sure, they can try to Evade past your players, but the odds are NOT in their favor as the Hobgoblins threaten 360 degrees. The best tactic for the other team is probably to just straight-up attack you, but that will deplete precious resources, and of course, there is the Hulk lingering in the background. If someone comes on your side of the Pitch, you can almost guarantee when it is your turn, they will exit the Pitch immediately!
This is a "high risk-high reward" initial setup. It is probably not as good against a Bashy team as it is against a Striker-heavy, Jack-heavy, or Balanced team, as the Bashy team will probably be super happy to see all those targets right there. And as always, do keep in mind your opponent's setup and counter it as best you can. 
But when in doubt, at least make the other coach yell, "That Stinks!", when they see your setup. :-) 

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