Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TACTICS: Make a hole! (Brokkr)

Make a Hole! (Home)
Red - Guard, Orange - Jack, Yellow - Striker

I will be the first to admit that I am not a Forge Father/Brokkr player. I am not a master strategist with such a slow moving team, but having said that, here is an interesting slant on a space dwarf setup. :-)

First, I decided that since I am the starting player, I was going to lean hard to one side, but play so that I can move toward either. My overall strategy is to move the Guards in to Slam any player that is in my way and go for the 2 points. Hopefully, I will be able to protect my strikers at least some once they are down the Pitch with a Guard at the Striker's back. With Grizzled, those Strikers are a much more difficult proposition than say a regular Forge Father Striker. If the ball ends up on the side I am leaning toward, I think that my plan will work pretty well. And maybe I can clear some of the opposing players from that side of the board (where my undefended Strike Zone is too).Now, if the ball ends up on the lighter side of the Pitch, I will grab it with one Striker and probably pass it to the one on the more defended side after clearing some space.

The back of the pitch is defended in the centers with a Guard and Jack. On Rush 3, I plan on using that Guard, with the Jack in toe, to wreck the face of whosoever is on my side of the board. I did leave one side undefended, but I am hoping this is mitigated by clearing that side of the board some, and used as a little bit of bait.

I would love to hear some Brokkr tactics from an actual Brokkr player. They seem like a team that could be good, but will take time to perfect.   

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