Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TACTICS: Rebel Yell! (Unincorporated / Rebs)

Rebel Yell! (Home)*
Red - Rin GuardGaelian Jack, Sorak JackRalarat Striker

I was playing the Rebs the other night and thinking pretty hard on what the best setup was for them being the Home team. I came up with this one after playing a slight variation on it on the table. I think this is better than the one I was using though.
First off, you want to score, of course, so you are going to need your Ralarat Striker out there. While he is on the Pitch, I feel pretty certain that scoring is going to happen. Now, I am not a proponent of having both Strikers on the Pitch, as they should be you opponent's first target. Only even have one on the Pitch, unless it is near the end of the game and you can grab a victory with both on the board.
Next, I want both my Rin Guards out there. I want one up front, to hopefully bash some heads. Then, I want one a little further back, for that 3rd Rush retaliation! 
Now, for the Gaellian Jacks, They are too good not to have on the Pitch. I set one up protecting the 4 point line. And then, I set one up on the 2 point line on one side. They are there to get in some good Slams from downtown. These guys can show up where you least expect them.
Finally, I always want one Sorak Jack up front. I will send him into on of the open Strike Zones, just in case the frogman doesn't double something. He is GREAT for catching and he does a decent job of scoring. Plus, should he end up with the ball at the end of the Rush, he is the most difficult player on your team to Steal from. 

The setup that inspired my thought process.

*A special 'thank you' to English poet William Idol for the inspiration for the name, because with the Rebs, you want 'more, more, more...'.

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