Thursday, October 22, 2015

COACH'S CORNER: In Leagues with the Enemies

Ok... let's talk about comps. I know, kind of a dirty word, but it needs to be talked about. I want to try to get a league for Dreadball going locally, which might mean doing some rounds of the local stores, but before I do, I want to be sure what the League will look like.

All the opinions stated beyond this point (and in this blog in its entirety) are mine and mine alone. But I do welcome any thoughts, input or disagreements on them.

  • If you purchase Schnörkel as an MVP, you are awesome (ok, so not a rule, but true none the less). :-)
  • The Convicts have to be banned, or in the very least, heavily modified. In a previous blog entry, Lamanzer and I have a nice discussion about how the Convicts might be re-balanced, but I don't know if this is viable when trying to bring in the larger community. I might try something rather simple though, maybe allow the Convicts to play as a their stats are but minus the Offensive Coach and the Shock Collar ability. Less flavor, more balance?
  • The Nameless are still a little OP in a league, I think in our last league my friend Dan lost one game with them. Not sure how to deal with that. Maybe every upgrade cost 50% more for them. Maybe for the Rebs too? What about Asterians? Maybe I am going overboard? Perhaps their team ranking in points should be 25 MC higher for purposes of determining underdog bonuses?
  • Use the Achievements system from the Season 4 Rulebook.
  • No Fans on the Pitch in regular games. Maybe in one game at some point in the League though, that could be fun.
  • Allow one "We Can Rebuild Him" upgrade, and only on a Jack, must be clearly marked or represented as different somehow.
  • No Hacking - from Season 6 Rulebook.
  • Any Mechanite or Mutant team has to be WYSIWYG or very close, sorry.
  • Forge Fathers can use Brokkr rules.
  • Season 1 - Season 6 teams will be allowed. Other than what I have already mentioned.

I know there is more I want to have in there, but.... I will have to come back to it.


  1. Personally, I feel the mechanite and mutant rules outside of their own teams are way too cheap. You can have a team of Skill 3+ Veer-myn for a relatively small cost. In my leagues, I would ban these. They defeat the point of growing and cultivating your own team.

    I don't like that any team should be banned; I think if you feel the Convicts need something then artificially boosting their ranking as you've suggested would be a good idea to try out. Otherwise, just allowing the opponent to Dodge a Shock would go a long way to balancing them (but be too powerful for Veer-myn/Kalyshi? Discuss!) I think Nameless and Asterians come down to personal taste, I've seen leagues with Nameless dominated by Season Two Robots and Teratons!

    What do you mean by Forge Fathers using Brokkr rules? Same setup as FF but Brokkr Abilities? Tournament packs now are letting people share the models like the S1/S2 corporation teams, I would go along with that.

    Are you changing around how income works at all?

    1. I understand the apprehension about using the mechanite and mutant upgrdes, I have it too. That is why I want to try it on a VERY limited basis - jacks only and only one per team. I still think it might be a bit OP, but in that very limited way, I am open to trying it out. Maybe at a cost of 10 MC too.

      In our last league, the Asterians and Nameless crushed everyone else. Might have been play styles, hot dice, or better coaches, who knows. But with bringing in new players (and hopefully the league will have a few), I am very worried about some of the heavy-handed teams crushing their dreams in the hands of vets. I will have to think more on this though - and discuss it with the co-sponsor for the league.

      Forge Fathers models with Brokkr stats and rules is what I was meaning on that - like the S1/S2 corporation teams.

      Income... I had forgotten how that can become a weird issue. Ugh. I think I had blocked it out of mind. :-) At one point, I had thought about only allowing a single upgrade between games (aside from refilling your roster). IDK though, totally open to suggestions there.

    2. Jacks only for rebuilding upgrades means no Veer-myn, Judwan, or Nameless (not a big pain there)... any others? How do you plan on them working with Chromium Chargers?

    3. Good point. Hmmm...
      Well, I am solidly in the camp of "Jacks need an upgrade" (aren't most DB players in that camp?). I think it might be a nice incentive to play a team with a few Jacks. Of course, the real problem is the Rebs.
      More thought is required on this.

  2. Hello :)

    MVP: You should double MVP price: Number 88 just for 10k of inducements is a joke :)
    I have ever seen some coaches, who fired players to have more MVP, and often it's more interesting to have a rookie team with inducements than a veteran one with 210Mc value.

    Team to banned: Very tough question... In my Opinion: rebs, convicts, Hobgoblins and Mutants. Nameless, Kalishi and Asterian are very good too, but not Overpowered.
    Why Hobgoblins? In tournament, it's a B+ team, in a league: A+ . two 360° Hulk and stench everywhere is very hard to deal with and can slaughter the league.
    Why Mutants? Some specific builds can allow you a Gotcha! Guard and to other Guard with Threatening (one with 3+ Str and one with 4+). Opponent Jacks have no dice... I have tested a specific build with theses 3 Guards, 2 Jacks, 2 Strikers, it's tough!

    Achievements: Rich get richer... 3+ players will have achievements, others not.

    We Can Rebuild Him: Gotcha! on an Hobgoblin? :p Well, Your idea is interesting. I'm waiting for your comment on it. :)

    No Hacking, No Fans.. yes, good choice

    1. MVP: Firing players to hire more MVPs is just bad form and I would call that out as bad sportsmanship. Matter of fact, I might prevent it altogether. But in all honest, I have never seen anyone actually do that in person, it's a total dick move. We usually just pick a few MVPs to to be available, rotating them out every round.

      Banning: I just don't have the heart to ban that many teams. I honestly think that the Rebs can be mitigated, and the Mutants, though obviously there are strong builds, are an expensive team to create and maintain. And for the Hobgoblins, I know a second Hulk could very well be brutal, but I am not sure it is worth banning. I could be wrong on each account though. The Nameless are just so very good, and the Convicts put the Nameless to shame - those two teams are just head and shoulders above the rest even out of the gate.

      Achievements: I might just go with one of the suggestions from the Season 4 book, "... league organisers may find tracking these Achievements over the whole league is an
      amusing way to add minor prizes for the Coaches to fight over."

      We Can Rebuild Him: I have a good feeling about this one advancement for a Jack only thing. We will see.