Wednesday, April 1, 2015

TEAM: Void Sirens (Human Team)

Void Sirens (Human Team)
Reviewed during Season 4 for DBO only

Human Stat - The stats of the Void Siren team are identical to the Trontek 29ers. Human stats always allow for a good 50/50 shot of a positive result on every roll of the dice. Though that means that there are no stand-out stats like other teams, it also means the Void Sirens are not that bad at anything either.

You have how many Coaching Dice?!?! - Four Coaching Dice to do with as you wish at the start of the match is great! Make sure you get that Slam or Strike with a few dice thrown in. Go for the 3/4 point Score and replenish the dice too!

Running Interference - This ability at first seems amazing. Then it seems like a gimmick. THEN you realize that it is a wonderful added layer of complexity on board control. Nobody defends like the Void Sirens. They are in many ways in two places at once. This is a great way to confound your opponent--the opposing coach has to take into account IF you might move or not.

Odd man, um woman, out - A single Guard in many ways feels hamstrung. You will definitely want to give her some assistance when she Slams. But having one Guard almost takes the heavy-hitting option off the table.

No Cards - One of my favorite parts of the original Corporation team is the fact that they have 2 cards. Two cards is two potential extra moves. No cards hurts.

MVP Recommendations:

The Enforcer - Fast and versatile. The Enforcer is a great addition to the Void Sirens team. He adds another Guard, this allows the team to be much more bashy. And not only is he a Guard, he is a super fast guard. He would make a great distraction to draw the other team's attention. 

John Doe - This guy will make your Jacks viable "Guards" and he will make your Guard good. The Gotcha ability can really shift the play style of the Void Sirens. I highly recommend John Doe for anyone, but especially for a Jack-heavy team like the Void Sirens.

To choose the original Corporation team or the Void Sirens, that is the question. If your play style leans toward the fully balanced, then Trontek. If you lean towards board control, the Void Sirens. If you like a versatile scoring team... you could go either way. I would always say begin with the original Corporation team, but for another layer of depth and complexity, the Void Sirens are your team. In a tournament or league, I would probably go for the Void Sirens.

B +

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